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It’s not too difficult to notice the typical signs of mice, rodents, termites or other pests that can cause a number of diseases and sicknesses, in addition to being the cause for costly damages to your home. Pest control in Wylie Tx is important for the obvious reasons such as our unique Texas terrain and climate. But, there is another not so obvious reason, but just as important, and that is the unusual weather patterns we’ve experienced in recent years, long dry spells, and insect swarms that are a part of the cyclical nature of this planet. How can homeowners today protect their most valuable asset against these cycles of nature that bring unwanted pests into your home?

Think about the last time you called for the exterminators, or looked into termite control in Wylie? Has it been a long time? Well, if it’s been awhile since you’ve had a thorough termite inspection, or rodent control in Wylie, then maybe it’s time to call a qualified expert at CitiTurf. CitiTurf’s certified pest control services are done by our State certified, trained and qualified experts to provide you with the best in pest control, at the rates you like.

When Was Your Last Appointment with an Exterminator in Wylie?

If you’ve seen one termite you can be sure there are more termites in Wylie soon to follow. Termites enter homes either after a swarm, or through their elaborate underground structures. They will look for cracks, small fittings, or even stucco that they can burrow up through making their way into the interior, hidden structure of a house. If you suspect problems or even an infestation with these pests, it’s best to seek the help of qualified experts, such as our certified CitiTurf professionals.

Pest Control WylieMice will leave droppings, gnawed food, furniture or plastic, and many times you’ll be able to see where they have tracked through your home. Mosquitoes are not only pesky and irritating, but their bites can bring a host of many serious illnesses with them. Mosquito control is an important part of the services that CitiTurf offers our customers, as well as an organic pest control option. All of our products and equipment are the latest in industry standards and every treatment is administered to your house and property upholding the safest precautions and health concerns, for your family, pets and our beautiful environment.

Call CitiTurf specialists today for your FREE of charge home inspection, or use our convenient estimate form at the top of the page. Don’t delay another day in keeping your home pest, bug, and rodent free.

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