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Mosquito Control in Plano, Allen, Frisco, McKinney,
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We can help guard your property against pesky mosquitoes.

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Mosquito Control Services in Plano, Allen, Frisco, McKinney, TX & Nearby Areas

Our services aim to reduce the mosquito population on your property.

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Mosquitoes sure know how to crash a party. If you live in Plano, TX or in a nearby area, you probably know this already. Many of us have had to cut summer cookouts short or move them indoors to avoid these blood-thirsty pests and their itchy, red bites. At CitiTurf, our team is here to help protect your family from mosquitoes. That's why we provide professional mosquito control services to residents in Plano, Allen, Frisco, McKinney, Murphy, Wylie, and surrounding areas in Texas.

Our mosquito control program includes monthly treatments from April to October and aims to reduce the mosquito population on your property. Fewer mosquitoes mean fewer bites and mitigated chances of contracting a mosquito-borne disease such as the West Nile virus. Don't let these menacing pests impact your life. Call 972-516-0001 today to schedule our services.

How do we treat your property for mosquitoes?

Our mosquito control treatments are intended to reduce your mosquito population. While we can't stop mosquitos from flying onto your property and eliminate them entirely, we can minimize their numbers to make your home safer. During our service visits, our licensed technicians apply a premium pesticide treatment that kills mosquitoes and deters them from coming onto your property.

We also apply an insect growth regulator to prevent mosquitoes from multiplying in heavily shaded areas where water can accumulate. Depending on your property's size, we spread our treatments with either a fogger or a hose and spray rig.

When are our services available?

Mosquitoes love the warm, wet conditions that can be found in north Texas during the spring and summer. That's why we offer our mosquito control services from April to October amid peak mosquito season. Our program features warranty-backed monthly treatments by a licensed technician.

If you don't see a difference after the treatment, we will retreat the area for free. We also recommend using a bug zapper and a product called "Octenol" to homeowners who experience an overwhelming mosquito issue and need additional support.

Dynatrap is an insect trap that effectively attracts and kills mosquitoes to supplement our mosquito control treatments.

Why You Need Mosquito Control Treatments

A child with two mosquito bites at a home in Allen, TX.

Mosquitoes are pesky nuisances that can leave a trail of itchy, red bites on your arms and legs. While these bites are uncomfortable, they are the least serious of many dangers that mosquitoes pose to people and pets alike. Mosquitoes feed on blood and are notorious transmitters of diseases, including:

  • West Nile virus
  • Zika virus
  • Malaria
  • Heartworm in dogs

Our mosquito control treatments help reduce the risk that you or your loved ones will contract one of these diseases and make your property safer. Additionally, mosquito control is one of our core services at CitiTurf along with perimeter pest control, fertilization and weed control, and tree and shrub fertilization. By enrolling in one of these offerings, you are eligible to benefit from the rest of our top-tier lawn maintenance and lawn care services.

Mosquito Control Tips

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Mosquitoes are a problem in Texas. We offer a solution. At CitiTurf, we provide professional mosquito control services to residents in Plano, Allen, Frisco, McKinney, Murphy, Wylie, and surrounding cities in Texas with a personal 100% iron-clad, risk-free, double money-back guarantee. Our treatments are available on a monthly basis from April to October to help protect your family throughout the mosquito season. If you want fewer mosquitoes on your property, call us today at 972-516-0001 to sign up for our services!

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