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Bed Bug Control in & Around Plano, Allen, & Frisco, TX

Say goodbye to the bed bugs that have been living in your home.

Pest control technician identifying bed bugs on mattress in Allen, TX.

No one wants to feel itchy when they wake up from a good night's sleep! If you suspect you have a bed bug infestation in your home, call our interior pest control team at CitiTurf today. We proudly offer our bed bug control services to residential property owners in the Plano, Allen, and Frisco, TX areas. Our professionals will inspect your home, isolate the infestation, and treat not only the infested room but surrounding rooms as well. If our initial bed bug control treatment is unsuccessful, we will retreat your home at no additional cost to you.

What does our bed bug control treatment process look like?

Our bed bug control treatment process begins with our team inspecting each room in your home. Initially, we will only focus on the room or area that contains the bed bugs. Once we have isolated the infected areas, we will apply our bed bug control treatment along the perimeter of the room where the floor meets the baseboards. Next, we will remove any faceplates off of your light switches and apply the treatment there. Finally, we will spray the treatment around any furniture in the room like nightstands and dressers. We will also have you remove all soft items (clothing, blankets, pillows, etc.) from the room and put them in the dryer on high heat for 30 minutes. This will kill off any bed bugs that we are not able to apply chemical treatments to.

Two weeks after your initial treatment, we will return to your home to re-inspect for free.

We treat nearby rooms as well as the infested room.

Beg bug on skin at a home in Frisco, TX.

After our interior pest control team has applied our bed bug control treatment to the main area of infestation, we will move on to surrounding areas and rooms. We will execute the exact same plan of action as we did for the infested room. We do this because bed bugs can spread to other parts of your home very quickly. In fact, bed bugs can move as fast as 4 feet per minute. That means that it wouldn't take very long for a bed bug infestation to spread to surrounding rooms. By treating nearby rooms as well as the infested room, we ensure that the entire bed bug infestation is being eradicated, not just part of it.

What does our bed bug control warranty look like?

When you sign up for our bed bug control service, it will come with a 30-day warranty. This warranty goes into effect after we've determined that we have eliminated the bed bugs from your home. That means that after we've completed our initial inspection, as well as our 2-week follow-up appointment, then our warranty is activated. If you notice bed bugs within 30 days of our follow-up appointment, we will come back to your property to provide another round of treatment.

Call our team to schedule our bed bug control service today!

Get rid of those awful bed bugs safely and effectively with our bed bug control service. If you want a pest-free home that is safe for you and your loved ones, call our team at CitiTurf today. We have been providing pest control services to homeowners in Plano, Allen, Frisco, and nearby cities in Texas since 2005. Call us at 972-516-0001 to schedule our bed bug control service today!

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