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Sachse, TX Lawn & Landscaping Services

We provide a wide variety of lawn and landscaping services from mowing your lawn to diagnosing your trees.

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Professional Lawn & Landscaping Services in Sachse, TX

We have been serving the Sachse community since 2005.

Sachse is a city in Texas located northeast of the bustling city of Dallas. Sachse has a population of around 25,000 people and is growing every day. Spend your time in the city enjoying the fresh air at one of the many parks or head on over to Lake Ray Hubbard for a day on the water!

The average home value in Sachse is close to $350,000, which is well above the national average. The residents in Sachse demand exceptional care and maintenance for their properties and we don't blame them! At CitiTurf, we are confident in our ability to exceed our customers' expectations. Since 2005, we have provided a wide variety of lawn and landscaping services such as lawn mowing, fertilization, tree and shrub care, and pest control.

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Sachse, TX
Lawn Care Services

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Sachse, TX
Pest Control

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Sachse, TX
Mowing & Maintenance

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Our lawn maintenance services include mowing, yard cleanups, and more.

Lawn Mowing - Sign up for our mowing program and receive additional maintenance including string-trimming, edging, and grass clipping cleanup at every visit. Our mowing program runs from March until the middle of November. In March, we will visit your property once every 2 weeks to mow your grass. From April until October, we will switch to weekly visits because your grass is growing quickly during this time of the year. From October until November, we will slow back down to bi-weekly visits. Add our mowing program to one of our 4 main services: fertilization and weed control, mosquito control, home pest control, or tree and shrub health care.

Trimming & Pruning - We trim and prune your trees and shrubs with expert care and precision. We will trim your plants to maintain their pristine appearance and we will prune your plants to keep issues like diseases and insect infestations from spreading throughout the rest of the plant. You can schedule this service as a one-time visit, a reoccurring service, or as an add-on to our fall cleanup service.

Annual Flowers - Give your property a burst this season with our annual flower installation. Popular fall annuals include pansies and dianthus. Popular spring annuals include vincas and pentas. During our installation process, we will add compost with fertilizer in it to give your new plants a boost and help them thrive right off the bat. Additionally, we will send you information on exactly how to care for your new plants so that their blooms last as long as possible!

Mulch Installation - Ready to protect your soil from harsh temperatures, erosion, and water evaporation? We can install a variety of mulch types like cedar and shredded hardwood. Our experts will install your mulch by hand. We always make sure to leave a little bit of room around the base of each of your plants to avoid smothering them. Additionally, we always make sure that the layer of mulch is around 2-3 inches thick so that you get the most benefits out of your ground covering.

Yard Cleanups - Keeping your lawn and landscape trimmed and free of debris not only increases your curb appeal, but it is also important for the health of your vegetation. We offer yard cleanups at any time of the year, however, our most popular time for scheduling these cleanups is in the spring and the fall seasons. Hire our crew to get your property in tip-top shape.

Leaf Removal - Don't let leaves smother your grass! Our team can remove them from your lawn as well as dispose of them for you with our vacuum truck. Our team has every tool needed to leave you with a leaf-free lawn. We offer this service any time during the fall season, however, we suggest calling us sooner rather than later to ensure you get a spot on our calendar!

Give your lawn nourishment with our lawn care and health services.

A healthy green lawn behind a home and pool in Sachse, TX.

Fertilization - We nourish your grass year-round with fertilizer treatments that meet the needs of your individual lawn. Unlike other lawn care companies, we will switch up the products we use depending on what your lawn needs to reach optimum health. Our fertilizer treatments are slow-release, meaning that your grass will get a constant supply of nutrients, as opposed to receiving them all at once with a fast-release product.

Weed Control - Weeds not only make your property look messy but also steal nutrients from your grass and desired plants. Let us eradicate your weed problem with pre and post-emergent treatments. You can trust our team to never raise the price on you just because you have particularly pesky weeds, such as nut-grass, sallis grass, and poa annua. Our weed control program includes treatments that keep your lawn protected year-round.

Aeration - If your lawn is patchy and weak, it's time to loosen up your soil. Core aeration will do just that by removing cores of soil from your lawn so that water, sunlight, and essential nutrients can easily reach your roots. We offer this service in both the spring and the fall seasons, however, spring is our most popular time. It is highly recommended that you schedule this service annually to loosen up your compacted soil.

Fungus & Diseases - Temperature and moisture levels are common culprits of fungus and disease impacting your lawn. Common lawn diseases in the Sachse, TX area include leaf spot and dollar spot. However, we do treat others as well! Our experts will visit your property to take a look at your grass. From there, we'll be able to diagnose the problem and come up with a solution. Typically, your lawn will need consistent lawn care to bounce back from the damage of a lawn disease.

Grub Control - Don't wait to prevent grubs this year. They are a very common problem in the Sachse area and will feed on the roots of your grass until there is nothing left. Get ahead of the game with our preventative treatments. We'll treat your lawn in the spring season to get rid of the eggs before they hatch and begin causing damage. If you skipped a preventative grub control treatment this year and you're starting to see signs of damage, we also offer a curative solution. In this case, we'll get rid of the grubs in your lawn and then come up with a solution to help get your lawn back in pristine condition.

We also provide irrigation repair services for all types of irrigation systems!

We offer tree and shrub care services like fertilization and disease control.

Tree & Shrub Fertilization - Keep your trees and shrubs nourished and cared for year-round with our fertilization treatments. All your trees need is one fertilization treatment per year. This particular fertilizer treatment will start out as a quick-release product, giving your plants exactly what they need right away. From there, the product levels out into a slow-release product and will provide nutrients to your shrubs and trees through the rest of the year. With this service comes 2 free check-ups where our arborist will search for any signs of issues like a disease or an insect infestation.

Iron Treatments - In Sachse, our soil does not contain the amount of iron that our trees and shrubs need for optimal health. We provide one-time annual iron supplement treatments. This treatment is typically applied in the spring season but can be applied at any other time of the year as well. Depending on what time of the year it is, we will either use a soil probe or a trunk injection to give your plants the iron they need to thrive.

Tree & Shrub Disease & Insect Control - We handle many different tree and shrub diseases and insect infestations. Some plant insects that we handle include bagworms, crepe myrtle bark scales, webworms, spider mites, and emerald ash borers. Common tree and shrub diseases that we can eradicate include root rot and oak leaf blister.

Palm Tree Fertilizing - Your palm trees will need extra nourishment in March to gear up for the summer season. Typically, our process includes drilling holes around the palm's trunk and applying a granular fertilizer into those holes. If you have a larger palm, we will use a trunk injection method instead to achieve the best results.

Diagnosis & Consulting - Not quite sure what's wrong with your trees or shrubs? No problem. We have a licensed arborist on staff who can help. After working with trees and shrubs in the Sachse area since 2005, we've seen almost everything. Our experts will get down to the root of the issue and create a treatment plan to nurse your plants back to health.

Protect yourself, your family, and your home from pest damage.

Perimeter Pest Control - We help eradicate several types of pests including ants, spiders, and cockroaches. We use premium products around the perimeter of your home to create a thick barrier around your home. This prevents them from sneaking through cracks in the foundation, entryways, and more. If you continue to see pest activity 7-10 days after our treatment, our team will return to re-apply our pest control products at no cost to you.

Interior Pest Control - Your home is no place for a pest infestation! Our products are designed to be used inside the home so that we can effectively control creepy crawlers and other insects from finding their way indoors. We typically recommend only utilizing our indoor pest service if you see an active infestation inside the home. Otherwise, if you are just looking to prevent future infestations, our perimeter pest control service will do the trick!

Flea & Tick Control - Fleas and ticks are not the kind of guests you want on your lawn or inside your home. We can spray a one-time application that will keep you, your family, and your pets protected throughout flea and tick season. The product we use is safe for both indoor and outdoor use. Our flea and tick products have a 30-day warranty where we will come back and re-treat your property for free if you continue seeing an issue.

Mosquito Control - By signing up for our mosquito control program, you will receive monthly applications starting in April and running until October. Depending on the size of your property, our crew will either use a backpack fogger or a hose/spray rig to treat your property. Just like all of our services, we offer a warranty on our mosquito control treatments. If you continue dealing with a mosquito infestation after one of our treatments, we will be happy to return and reapply at no cost to you.

Bed Bug Control - Our team will conduct a room-by-room inspection and treat the affected rooms. We thoroughly treat where the bed bugs are hiding, including under the faceplates of your light switches and under your baseboards. After our initial treatment, we will return 2 weeks later to follow up. If we find more bed bugs, we will retreat and schedule another follow-up.

Chigger Control - We will spray two treatments that are scheduled two weeks apart to ensure that your property is free of chiggers. We have products that are safe for both outdoor and indoor treatments.

Termite Control - Protect the structure of your home before termites get ahold of it and cause extensive damage. When you call us to schedule our termite service, our first step will be to inspect your home. This is a very thorough inspection to ensure that we do not miss a sign of a termite infestation if there is one. If we find an infestation, we will treat your property. From that point on, our crew will return each year to perform an inspection. If we find another infestation during one of our inspections, we will treat your home for free.

Hire your local Sachse lawn and landscaping company!

At CitiTurf, we are wholeheartedly dedicated to making your experience with us a great one. In fact, we back every one of our lawn and landscaping services with our personal 100% iron-clad, risk-free, double money-back guarantee. Whether your trees are struggling, your lawn is patchy, or you keep seeing pesky ants inside your home, we are your team. If your home is located in Sachse, TX, or in a nearby area like Plano or Allen, give our office a call today at 972-516-0001 to schedule. We can't wait to serve you!

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