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Our lawn and landscaping services include fertilization, weed control, tree care, pest control, and more.

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Professional Lawn & Landscaping Services in Murphy, TX

All of our services are backed by a 100% iron-clad, risk-free, double money-back guarantee.

The city of Murphy is located just 25 miles from downtown Dallas, Texas. Murphy has largely grown in the past two decades, starting at 6,500 residents in 2002 and growing to about 20,612 in recent years. We know first hand what makes Murphy one of the best places to live. Our office is actually located here!

We love serving the residents of Murphy and providing them with top-rated lawn and landscaping services. We are confident that we will exceed your expectations with everything we do. In fact, we pair every one of our services with a 100% iron-clad, risk-free, double money-back guarantee. Sign up for any of our programs or services below including fertilization, weed control, tree care, pest control, and much more.

Murphy, TX lawn with healthy turf grass.

Murphy, TX
Lawn Care Services

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Murphy, TX
Pest Control

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Murphy, TX
Mowing & Maintenance

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Lawn Care & Maintenance Services

Fertilization: Your lawn requires nutrients to grow healthy and strong. We offer a fertilization program that will supply your lawn with essential nutrients throughout the year. We know that every lawn is not the same, which is why we don't offer a one-size-fits-all fertilizer. Instead, we carry multiple types of fertilizer and our professionals will determine which one to use depending on the unique needs of your lawn. No matter which of our fertilizers is used, it will be chalked full of essential nutrients including potassium, nitrogen, and phosphorus.

Weed Control: No weed is too stubborn for our team! When you enroll in our weed control program, you can rest assured that we will tackle every weed on your lawn, regardless of how stubborn it is. Some companies charge extra for weeds like nutgrass and dallisgrass - we do not. When dealing with weeds on your lawn, we use two different methods. We use a pre-emergent weed control product that creates a barrier on your lawn that prevents weeds from breaking through the soil. We also apply post-emergent treatments to eradicate any existing weeds on your lawn. By utilizing these two different methods, you can rest easy knowing that your lawn will be weed-free.

Core Aeration: Core aeration is the process of loosening up your compacted soil to give essential nutrients easier access to your roots. This service involves removing small cores of soil from your lawn, which loosens the soil and provides a pathway for nutrients and other resources to reach the roots of your lawn. We can perform core aeration in the spring and fall seasons. We recommend scheduling this service once a year to ensure that the roots of your grass always have access to the nutrients and resources that they need to thrive.

Fungus & Diseases: Turf problems like leaf spot and dollar spot are common in the Murphy, TX area. If you suspect you are dealing with some sort of lawn disease, you'll want to give us a call as soon as possible. Our experts will inspect your lawn and be able to determine what type of lawn disease you are dealing with. Once they know what disease is affecting your lawn, they will be able to provide the curative treatment necessary to cure the disease.

Lawn Mowing: Mowing your lawn regularly is an important task if you want your lawn to always look its best. At CitiTurf, we offer a lawn mowing service to homeowners in Murphy, TX that begins in March and runs through the second week of November. During this time period, we will either mow your lawn every week or every other week depending on the season, In addition to just mowing your lawn, we will also string-trim any hard-to-reach areas, edge along your driveways, sidewalks, walkways, and landscape beds, and blow any grass clippings off of your hard surfaces.

Trimming & Pruning: Our crew can trim and prune your trees and shrubs up to 12 feet tall. Our trimming service is for aesthetic purposes, and we will trim overgrown parts of your plants to give them a neat appearance. Pruning is for the health of your plants. When pruning, we will remove any dead, diseased, or infested parts of your plants to prevent these parts from spreading. We only prune when necessary as pruning at the wrong time can be detrimental to the health of your plants.

Annual Flowers: Add a pop of color for the season with our spring and fall annual flower installations. Salvia farinacea, hibiscus, and care plumbago are popular spring annuals in Murphy while pansy, alyssum, and English daisy are popular fall annuals. When installing these flowers, we will pay special attention and make sure that they are planted in an area will they receive all of the sunlight that they need. We will also take into consideration the other plants that you already have to make sure that the flowers that we add to your landscape beds fit in perfectly with your existing plants.

Mulch Installation: Mulch is an important component of your landscape beds because, in addition to enhancing their aesthetics, it also helps reduce soil erosion, retain moisture, suppress weeds, and regulate soil temperature. We install a variety of mulch types including cedar, shredded hardwood, black, and red mulch. You can schedule this service at any time of the year. We recommend scheduling this service once per year.

Yard Cleanups: Keep your yard pristine with our yard cleanups. When you schedule this service, we will gather and remove any yard debris that we find on your lawn to give it a nice, clean look. We will also remove any weeds from your landscape beds so that can't steal nutrients from your plants. We will also trim your plants and prune any of your plants as needed.

Leaf Removal: Hire our team to take care of your leaf removal this year! Leaving leaves on your lawn is a bad idea because they can suffocate your grass, harbor mold, and attract insects. When you schedule our leaf removal service, we will gather the leaves on your lawn and bring them to the curb. But, we don't stop there! We will also suck them up in our vacuum truck and carry them off of your property, so you'll be left with a leaf-free lawn.

We Provide Preventative & Curative Pest Control Treatments

Grub Control: Grubs feed on the roots of your grass and they can completely kill your lawn if they are not dealt with in a timely manner. The best way to deal with grubs is by signing up for our preventative treatments. Our preventative treatments work by eliminating grub eggs before they ever get a chance to hatch, so you'll never have to deal with grubs in the first place. If you didn't sign up for our preventative treatment and are dealing with a current grub infestation, we can help. We offer curative treatments that will eliminate existing grubs in your yard.

Flea & Tick Control: If you are dealing with a flea and tick problem, it's time to schedule our flea and tick control service. We will send a licensed technician to your property to apply our premium pesticide treatment. We apply our treatment not only to the outside of your property but also inside of your home to eliminate any fleas and ticks that may have found their way inside. Typically, only one treatment per year is required to eliminate these pests from your property.

Perimeter Pest Control: Our perimeter pest control takes care of ants, spiders, earwigs, cockroaches, and much more. We will create a barrier around your home to ensure that these insects do not find their way indoors. If you are noticing pest activity inside of your home, we can apply treatments inside as well to eliminate these pests. Our perimeter pest control program consists of 4 treatments throughout the year, spaced out every 3 months. Each treatment is designed to last until the next one is applied, so there will never be a lapse in coverage.

Interior Pest Control: Are you seeing an increase in pests inside your home? Don't wait - call our team so that we can apply our premium pest control products to solve the problem. We will inspect your home for signs of pest activity, and spray our treatments in any places where we notice them. Additionally, we will also spray areas that we know pests love to frequent such as under your kitchen appliances, under your sinks, and along your baseboards.

Bed Bug Control: Bed bugs are never fun to discover. If you're dealing with a bed bug problem in Murphy, TX, give us a call. We'll come out to your home to perform an inspection and we'll determine which rooms in your home are dealing with an infestation. Then, we'll spray our treatments around your beds, dressers, or any other furniture to eliminate these pests. We'll also take off the faceplates from your light switches and spray in there as bed bugs love to hide in these areas. We'll also direct you to put any soft items such as your clothes, sheets, and blankets in the dryer on high heat for at least 30 minutes to kill any bed bugs or eggs that are on these items.

Chigger Control: If you're dealing with a chigger problem, we are the company to call. We offer a chigger control treatment that will eliminate these pesky insects from your property. We spray our treatments on the outside of your property as well as inside of your home. This service consists of two treatments that are scheduled two weeks apart. We wait two weeks before applying our second treatment to make sure that we get both ends of the egg-hatching cycle.

Termite Control: Termites are damaging to your home so it's important to eradicate them as soon as you notice the problem. When you schedule our termite control service, we will perform an inspection to locate any areas where there is a termite infestation, and then we will apply our treatment to eradicate them. We offer this as a one-time service, but you can also sign up for yearly inspections. If you sign up for yearly inspections, we will come out every year to check for any new termite infestations. If we find any termites, we will treat them at no additional cost to you.

If you need pest control services for your property in Murphy, Texas, give our team a call to get the job done the right way.

Let our certified arborists take care of your trees.

Close up of a healthy tree branch in Murphy, TX.

Tree & Shrub Fertilization: Provide your trees and shrubs with essential nutrients through our fertilization program. This is a one-time treatment that lasts a full year. We'll use a liquid soil probe to deliver nutrients straight to the roots of your trees and shrubs. The product we use starts off as a quick-release fertilizer to ensure your plants get everything they need right away. After about 3 months, once your plants are strong and no longer deficient in important nutrients, the product will level out into a slow-release fertilizer. This allows your trees and shrubs to gradually uptake the nutrients as they need them for the remainder of the year. After our annual application, our crew will return to your property twice to check on your trees and shrubs and ensure they are staying healthy.

Iron Treatments: The soil in our area does not provide enough iron for our trees and shrubs, causing the leaves to turn yellow with green veins. Our company can supply your trees and shrubs with the correct amount of iron, encouraging strong growth and development. This is a one-time treatment that is typically applied in the spring, however, it can also be applied at other times of the year. October is another popular time to schedule an iron treatment. Depending on the time of the year, our crew will use different application processes for your iron treatment.

Crepe Myrtle Bark Scale: Crepe myrtle bark scale is a common issue in Murphy. Our company can help stop the problem with trunk spray and systemic insecticide. Our crepe myrtle bark scale treatment only requires one visit from our crew, however, we check back in after some time has passed to ensure our treatment did its job and your plants are looking as healthy as can be.

Palm Tree Fertilizing: Palm tree fertilization should be scheduled in March. The typical process for our palm tree fertilizing service involves drilling holes around the trunk of your palm and applying granular fertilizer into these holes. However, if you have a particularly large palm tree, our process looks a little different. To ensure your trees get the best results, we'll apply fertilizer to your large palms with a trunk injection.

Diagnosis & Consulting: Sometimes, it is clear that there is a problem with your tree or shrub but it can be hard for the average homeowner to pinpoint what it is. That's why we offer a diagnosis and consulting service where our arborists will take a look at the problem, identify it, and offer solutions. You can always trust our team to find the most effective and efficient way to nurse your trees and shrubs back to health while also being mindful of your budget.

You can trust our ISA-certified arborists to provide your trees with the utmost care.

Irrigation Repair Services

Irrigation Repairs: Homeowners in Murphy commonly resort to an irrigation system to water their lawn. While this is a very convenient option, time and excessive use can cause wear and tear. Our company can repair any and all types of irrigation systems. We can troubleshoot problems as well as repair any part that needs fixing. Some common components that we can repair include broken pipes, valves, pumps, timers, controllers, rain sensors, sprinkler heads and nozzles, backflow preventers, and more!

Contact our team for your lawn and landscaping needs!

Since 2005, our company has been providing exceptional lawn and landscaping services to the Murphy, TX area. You can trust our team to get the job done safely, efficiently, and effectively. If our services do not exceed your expectations, we will return to make it right. We offer a personal 100% iron-clad, risk-free, double money-back guarantee with all of our services. To schedule or to receive a quote, call our office at 972-516-0001 today.

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