Pest Control in McKinney Should Never be Delayed

Because termite inspection and pest control in McKinney Tx are two very important routine procedures that home owners do regularly, CitiTurf maintains a well-qualified team of certified pest control specialists. Apart from all the beauty and new growth that the arrival of spring brings, it also means an increase in the bug and rodent kingdom. This increase can translate into pest infestation, rodents, and termites in McKinney. If you’ve ever had termite problems in a home you’ve lived in, then you know the extent of the damage they can cause to the structure of a house.

Pest Control McKinneyWith termites swarming annually across the U.S., termite infestation is a large problem. More than $2-1/2 billion of property damage is left in the wake of these destructive pests, a hefty price homeowners pay for. There are basically two ways that termites get in and wreak damage, through subterranean means, and after a swarm.

Even if a few termites land at your home, from a swarm, that’s all it takes to begin a new colony inside the hidden structure of your house. With CitiTurf’s termite control McKinney specialists; you can be assured that our experts will do a thorough job of inspecting your home for termites and other lurking pests or rodents that are common in the Collin County area. All of CitiTurf’s home inspections are FREE of charge and conducted by certified specialists.

The State of Texas requires that all termite and rodent control in McKinney be conducted by trained and certified specialists, who know how to properly and safely apply the treatments and chemicals needed that eliminate and prevent infestation and spreading. Since the structure of your house is hidden from view, it makes it all the more important that you find a professional to do the inspection of your house. Most homeowners simply are not aware of all the things to look for, or the places where pests and rodent like to hide.

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Exterminators must be licensed and certified in the State of Texas, and as part of CitiTurf’s services, we offer a team of certified specialists in mosquito control, pest and rodent control. With concern for maintaining our natural heritage as well as our wildlife and ecology, CitiTurf also includes organic pest control treatments as part of our routine care, and we always work with high-quality products that friendly to our environment.

If it’s been awhile since you had a thorough pest and rodent home inspection, why not call CitiTurf’s friendly service staff for a free inspection, or use the easy to fill out estimate form above.

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