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Pest control in Sachse Tx has become an important necessity of most homeowners in our city, as we continue expanding and developing. As with all positive growth and expansion, there are some things that remain the same, and one of those is problems with bugs and pests.

Pest Control SachseCertified pest control and rodent control in Sachse is not even a question, as bugs and rodents are always on the increase during Texas’ spring and summer months. As a matter of fact, those of us familiar with the region are always on the lookout for new tips to keep our homes as clean as possible to help prevent bug and rodent infestation.

Of course, at CitiTurf we also understand that no matter how clean, how hygienic, how disinfected a home is maintained, there are always ways that pests and bugs manage to bore, tunnel through or burrow their way inside. And, when it comes to termite problems, in case you’re not aware of this, all it takes for a new colony to begin is two termites.

If you are currently experiencing problems with your termite control in Sachse, and require help from the professionals, give CitiTurf a call and receive a FREE of charge termite inspection today. Cleaning up the destruction caused from termites is NOT fun, not to mention the high costs to repair the sometimes extensive damage that they can wreak on the internal wood structure of your home.

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At CitiTurf we understand there are numerous challenges that homeowner’s today are faced with. From the unique challenges of the economy at this time, to the delicate balance in our changing weather patterns, we are walking hand-in-hand with our customers to make the future a better place for those in our community and region.

With a long-time dedicated team and staff, CitiTurf professionals understand that the culturally diverse beauty of our Texas heritage, with all its peculiarities and vast terrain also presents some pretty tough challenges.

Termites in Sachse may not be the biggest problem we face, but they can be the problem that you need help with today. If that’s what you’re facing, call for the assistance of our CitiTurf pest control experts.

Whether you’re looking for exterminators, mosquito control, or a green pest control solution, such as our organic pest control products, CitiTurf always seeks to bring you one step closer to a solution that’s just right for you! Call CitiTurf’s friendly staff to arrange for your free home inspection TODAY. Or use our convenient estimate form at the top of this page.

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