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If you have reason to suspect you might have a termite problem, or need termite control in Plano, you probably already know that the quicker you act, the better the chances are that you can stop damage before it becomes serious. Yes, CitiTurf’s certified pest control experts can provide you with termite inspection FREE of charge, carried out by our certified, long-time CitiTurf professionals.

Best of the City 2012As fellow Texans, we understand the problems with termites in Plano, along with the number of pests and rodents that plague many homeowners in the area. Out of doors these bugs perform an important part of the cycle of nature in breaking down wood, helping to fertilize and break-down the soil, and bring a vital contribution to the eco-system of our region. Indoors, that is inside YOUR home, these same insects and rodents can bring disease, hygiene problems, sickness, and untold damage to a home’s structural integrity. Whether you’re experiencing an infestation of mosquitoes, pests or rodents, our long-time team specialists have years of experience and are certified in rodent control in Plano.


Exterminator Plano Tx

Pest Control PlanoIf the exterminators you’ve hired in the past have not provided you with the service and expertise that you require, give our CitiTurf mosquito control and pest control in Plano, Tx experts a call today! Allowing these types of pests to continue damaging your home and property means additional home improvement and repairs costs down the line.

In addition, it might surprise you to know that even a brand new house can have termite problems. Termites are not ONLY found in older homes or outdoor structures. These subterranean creatures can infiltrate through the ground by finding small passageways through your homes structure. Roaches can be another big problem for homeowners during the spring and summer months when their population grows, or their outdoor habitat has been disturbed and they go searching for new sources of food and water, often inside your house.

With CitiTurf pest control specialists, we always use top of the line, high quality pest control products that are safe for your family, pets, and the environment, and they are applied by certified specialists using every safety precaution for you and your family. For customers who have additional health issues or concerns, we also offer organic pest control to help you beat your pest control problem without any extra risk to your health.

Give CitiTurf a call today for your FREE inspection and home estimate for pest control, or use our convenient estimate form located just above. Call CitiTurf today and let one of our friendly experts help answer all your concerns and questions!

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