Lawn Mowing in Murphy Texas by CitiTurf

What’s the difference between a good looking lawn and a great looking lawn?

At CitiTurf, we believe it’s a matter of paying attention to detail. That’s why we pay meticulous attention to how we mow and trim the lawns of thousands of customers in the Dallas area. You shouldn’t be satisfied with anything but the best, and neither are we.

We make sure that we mow your lawn to the optimum height, and we use mulching mowers that redeposit the clippings into the soil to add additional nutrients and moisture control.

Then we carefully trim around all the features in your yard. We make sure that the trees, bushes, beds, fences, mailboxes and other objects receive a careful trimming. It’s a little bit like detailing your car. You want to be sure that every little bit is just right, because if you miss something, it glares out at you.

Murphy TX Lawn Mowing with Attention to Detail

Lawn Mowing MurphyAlso, we pay plenty of attention to your drives, patios, and walkways. We use our edge trimmers to achieve a well-groomed look.

For the best mowing service in Murphy, call us at 972-516-0001 or send us an e-mail to We’ll provide quick turnaround and get an estimate to you in one day or less.

Our Murphy mowing services have the finest reputation. Customers send us hundreds of thank-you letters and refer their friends and neighbors to us. And we love this word of mouth advertising! It’s the best kind.

You Can’t Beat Our Guarantee, Either!

We offer the best guarantee in the business to our lawn mowing customers in Murphy. If you’re not completely satisfied with some element of our service, we’ll make it right.

Our Other Services

CitiTurf offers a full range of lawn care services:

To sign up, call us today at 972-516-0001 or send us an e-mail to Within 24 hours we’ll provide a comprehensive lawn mowing estimate.

Don’t Overlook the Added Benefits

We offer things that our competitors don’t even think of. Sign up with CitiTurf and get free information each month about how to set your sprinklers. This is absolutely critical for your lawn in the North Texas climate and will also save you money. Also, we’ll send free reminders about other yard tasks, letting you know when to trim bushes, plant flowers, apply pre-emergent, prune, etc. – all the things that will keep your lawn in pristine condition.

Having trouble with pests? Give us a call. If it flies, swims, creeps, crawls, slithers or walks, we can get rid of it. We’re certified exterminators and can zap any pests inside or outside your home.

Call us for all your lawn care needs. You’ll never talk to a sales person. We’re all hands-on lawn care professionals. So don’t delay! Call now at 972-516-000.

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