David Lettermen’s Top Ten Options for Lawn Care in Murphy Texas

If you asked David Letterman for his top 10 recommendations for lawncare in Murphy, he might come up with something like this:

1. Scrape off the lawn and xeriscape everything.

2. Take Round Up and spray the logo of your favorite football team in the center of the yard.

3. Plant Astroturf.

4. Let the grass grow and buy a herd of goats.

5. Let the grass grow, get rid of the goats and buy a herd of buffalo.

6. Spray paint the whole lawn green.

7. Spray paint the whole lawn blue and tell your neighbors that you’re raising bluebonnets.

8. Spray paint the whole yard gold and tell your neighbors that you’ve got a bumper wheat crop this year.

9. Fill the yard with old vehicles on blocks, especially under the shady trees so that your neighbors will think that you’re a mechanic.

10. Cover the lawn with concrete and charge your neighbors for parking.

Murphy TX Lawn Care Professionals Can Handle It

Lawn Care MurphyIf you don’t like Letterman’s ideas, you can call the pros at CitiTurf. We provide the undisputed best in Murphy lawn care. When we say we’re the best, we’re not just stroking our egos. We have hundreds of testimonials from our satisfied customers to back up our words.

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CitiTurf’s Murphy Lawn Care Services

Our trained professionals bring you a wide range of services, and we’re available for you year round.

We’ll bring out the very best in your lawn. People who want Murphy’s finest lawncare service choose CitiTurf. Call us today at 972-516-0001.

More Benefits from CitiTurf’s Lawn Care Service in Murphy

Do you ever wonder when is the best time to plant flowers or to prune your budding trees? We’ll send e-mail reminders so you’ll know the right timing for an array of lawn care tasks. Do you know how you should set your sprinklers for July, or how you should adjust your watering schedule in the fall? Again, depend on us. We’ll keep you advised so that your lawn looks its best all year. And we offer plenty of discounts. Call us today at 972-516-0001.

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