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We offer pest control services to residential properties in portions of Richardson, TX.

We can eliminate fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, rats, mice, termites, fire ants, and many other pests from your property!

The city of Richardson, TX, located in Dallas and Collin counties, is a beautiful community home to more than 116,300 people. Whether you're a local or a tourist visiting Richardson, there are various attractions here for you to enjoy. One of these is the Spring Creek Nature Area, which boasts 100 acres of hardwood forest and picturesque views where people can enjoy a much-needed escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Our team at CitiTurf provides pest control services for residential properties in portions of the 75082 zip code in Richardson, TX. We offer highly effective treatments against fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, rats, mice, termites, fire ants, bed bugs, and other invasive pests.

Perimeter Pest Control

Our perimeter pest control treatments will block pests from getting into your home.

We offer a perimeter pest control service that includes quarterly visits to your property in Richardson, TX, to apply our pest control treatments. During our visits, we will spray our treatment around the perimeter of your home to block pests from getting into your indoor space! We'll also dust weep holes, remove wasp nests and spider webs from your eaves, and treat visible ant mounds to prevent creepy crawlers from becoming too comfortable on your property. Our treatments can target various pests like ants, roaches, spiders, earwigs, silverfish, weevils, flour beetles, and more.

Interior Pest Control

Say goodbye to pests inside your home with our interior pest control service.

Nobody likes having pests inside their homes, and we're here to ensure critters don't make your home their home with our interior pest control service. This pest control service involves going through different areas of your home to detect pest activity and then applying our treatments to areas we've deemed infested! We'll also spray our pesticide treatment on your baseboards and the space under your kitchen appliances.

Bed Bug Control

Our bed bug control treatments will eradicate bed bugs from your home.

Bed bug crawling over a mattress in Richardson, TX.

It's never fun to feel itchy first thing in the morning because bed bugs have taken over your home! With our bed bug control service, these tiny, hard-to-detect pests will be eradicated from your indoor space. We'll help you get your good night's sleep back by applying our treatment to the perimeter of the infested room, the area behind your light switches, and around the furniture inside the affected room. Our team will also ask you to throw your clothes, blankets, pillows, and other soft items into your dryer on high heat for 30 minutes to get rid of any bed bugs.

Chigger Control

We face chigger infestations head-on with our top-quality chigger control treatments.

Our team offers chigger control treatments that are highly effective at eliminating chiggers from your lawn. When we come out to your property in Richardson, we will target chigger infestations head-on by applying our treatments to the inside and outside areas of your home. We use liquid spray pesticides for your outdoor area and an aerosol-based mix for your indoor space!

Our chigger control service involves 2 treatments spaced 2 weeks apart to cover the egg-hatching cycle of chiggers.

Flea & Tick Control

Our flea and tick control treatments provide lasting protection from fleas and ticks.

A tick crawling on a homeowner's arm in Richardson, TX.

Fleas and ticks are harmful pests that hide on your lawn and landscape, waiting for a host they can latch onto. We can help protect you and your furry pets from fleas, ticks, and the diseases they may transmit with our flea and tick control service. Our treatment process involves spraying our premium pesticides indoors and outdoors to thoroughly eliminate the flea and tick population on your property! Our indoor treatments remain effective throughout the flea and tick season, while our outdoor applications will give you long-lasting protection for 3 to 4 months.

While we offer this service year-round, many homeowners in the Richardson area prefer to schedule our flea and tick control service between April and October since these are the months when the pests are most active.

Fire Ant Control

We offer preventative and curative treatments to protect your yard from fire ants.

Fire ants build mounds that can affect the safety of your property and detract from its curb appeal. We offer a fire ant control service that utilizes preventative treatments to ensure fire ants don't ever cause issues on your lawn in the first place and curative treatments to eliminate these insects from your yard. Our treatments are activated by water and come with a 1-year warranty!

Mosquito Control

Our mosquito control treatments will protect you and your loved ones from mosquitoes.

We offer a mosquito control service that includes monthly treatments from April to October to protect you, your pets, and your loved ones from mosquitoes and the diseases they may transmit. Our treatment process involves spraying our top-notch mosquito control and insect growth regulator treatments to control the mosquito population on your property in Richardson.

Rodent Monitoring

Get rid of rodents on your property by signing up for our rodent monitoring service.

Our rodent monitoring service at CitiTurf utilizes liquid treatments and powerful baits placed in bait stations to get rid of rodents like rats and mice from your property in Richardson, TX. Our team will place the bait stations in different areas around your property where we notice signs of rodent activity. We'll also monitor these bait stations regularly to ensure they are still working efficiently at eliminating rodents. We can come out to your property monthly or bi-monthly to check the baits, but we can also check on them quarterly during our perimeter pest control visits!

Termite Control

Protect your home's foundation from termites with our termite control treatments.

Termites are one of the most problematic pests you can have on your property since they feed on wood and can cause severe damage to your home's foundation. We can protect your foundation from these wood-boring pests with our termite control treatments! Our team starts by inspecting your home and identifying spots of concern on your property, like areas of moisture, wood piles, and areas with wood-to-ground contact. Then, we'll dig a trench next to your home's foundation and place a rod into the ground to apply the treatment, effectively targeting and eliminating termites!

You can schedule our termite control service as a one-time service or take advantage of our yearly inspections, which come with a lifetime warranty.

Call us today to schedule our pest control services.

Our team at CitiTurf proudly provides pest control services for residential properties in portions of the 75082 zip code in Richardson, TX. Pests are relentless when looking for areas to hide. More often than not, your residential property provides them with the perfect place to seek shelter and protection! If you want to maintain a pest-free property, give us a call today at 972-516-0001 to schedule our services.

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