Lawn Mowing Service by CitiTurf

Jonathan explains the benefits and differences you should expect when you hire CitiTurf to provide you with a high quality lawn mowing service


  • Clean, Neat, Well Cut Lawn Free of Debris and Clippings
  • Reliable, Same Day Service Every WeekFast Response But Not a Rush Job
  • Conscientious – Gates closed and Environmentally Friendly

Buying Criteria for Lawn Mowing Services

(a few important questions to ask when selecting a pest control company)

  • Do you offer fertilization and weed control?  If so, do you perform the service yourself or do you contract it to another company?  You want to be certain the same company providing your lawn mowing service also provides the fertilization and weed control service.  The mowing service needs to be timed and coordinated around each fertilization, weed control treatment, pre-emergent application and any necessary turf disease treatments.  Separate companies cannot deliver this important coordination of lawn services.
  • Do you have a Guarantee in writing and posted on your website?  You need to know that the lawn company you are considering has a Guarantee so powerful that you know with absolute certainty that you will not be on the losing end of a bad lawn care experience.  Will they be around to fix and make right a lawn care mistake?  Would they go as far as to pay another company of your choosing to ensure your complete satisfaction?
  • Do you sharpen your mowing blades daily?  Dirty, dull mower blades are bad for your lawn and the appearance of your lawn.
  • Do you switch mowing direction weekly?  Do you mow four different directions per month?  You want to be sure they have a system in place to make certain they don’t forget to switch directions and which direction to mow on which weeks?
  • Do you, at a minimum, have a $1,000,000 + liability policy to protect me in the event of property damage or injury to an employee working at my property?  If not, your homeowner’s policy is at risk.  You may be on the hook to cover your large homeowner’s policy deductible if you end up with a claim or worse yet lawsuit from the injured employee’s attorney.  This is serious.  This is a real risk. 

    Legal Liability for Landscaping Help
  • Do you hire legal US citizens?  How do I know the employees you hire to work on my property are not a potential threat to the safety of my family and personal possessions?
  • What is your policy on damage to my sprinkler heads?  How fast will you fix them?
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