Lawn Maintenance in Frisco Texas by CitiTurf

Summertime, and the livin’s easy . . . or is it? The answer depends largely on how much time and effort you devote to caring for your lawn. Think about how you would rather spend your free time this summer. Would you rather lounge by the pool or spend your time mowing and trimming? Which is more inviting, spending hours in the hot Texas sun, or letting CitiTurf take care of your lawn for you?

If you’re like a lot of your neighbors, you’d rather let us do the work. CitiTurf provides the finest lawn maintenance service in Frisco. We love lawns, and we know how to keep yours in tip-top shape. Call us today at 972-516-0001 or send us an e-mail to We’ll get you a free estimate in right away. Ask around. People who know about the best lawn maintenance service in Frisco call CitiTurf.

Frisco TX Lawn Maintenance at it’s Finest

Sure, you know how to take care of your lawn. You know when to fertilize and just the right mixture to use. You know how to kill bugs and other pests in your lawn. You’re perfectly capable of trimming your trees and shrubs and keeping them neat. You can maintain your own sprinkler system, and you know how to establish a watering schedule to assure optimum benefit and how to set your sprinkler heads.

Lawn Maintenance FriscoYou can prepare the soil and plant your own flower beds. You can overseed your lawn to revitalize it and keep it thick and green. And you certainly don’t mind mowing your lawn every week and trimming around all the trees, beds, shrubs, driveways, sidewalks, and fences. Oh yes, and in the fall, you sort of enjoy raking up those mountains of leaves.

Of course you can do all those things, but do you really want to? Do you have the time to do it right?

If, in reading the words above, you just saw all your free time fly out the window, don’t feel alone. Many of your friends and neighbors feel the same way and let CitiTurf maintain their lawns. Call us today at 972-516-0001. It’ll be one of the best calls you’ll ever make!

Frisco Lawn Maintenance Service

At CitiTurf, we also offer a complete line of lawn maintenance services in Frisco and throughout the Dallas area. We can handle just about any kind of lawn need:

Lawns are our passion and the appearance of your lawn is important to us. We want to start maintaining your lawn today and keep at it for years to come. We want to make you so happy with us that you recommend us to all your friends and neighbors.

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More Benefits of CitiTurf’s Frisco Lawn Maintenance Service

And then there are the extras. At no cost, we send yard care reminders every month. Plus we have the strongest guarantee in the Lone Star State. Why wait? Call us today at 972-516-0001 and we’ll send you your free estimate.

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