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Pro Lawn Care in Frisco TX: Winter is the Best time to Prune Shrubs and Trees!

Despite a popular myth, winter is the best season to prune trees and shrubs in Texas, mainly if your landscape consists mostly of trees and shrubs that do not bloom very early in the spring. Our specialists in lawn care in Frisco TX are here today to offer you some advice on how and why you should prep your shrubs, hedges, and trees for glorious blooming next spring.

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Caring for Winter Compost – Our Specialists in Lawn Care in Murphy TX Share their Tips

While composting is easy in summer, as the temperatures favor materials’ decomposition in your outdoor pile, in winter, if the temps go low, disintegration can reach a halt. Moreover, humidity, frost, and the dormancy of beneficial compost bacteria can render your hard-worked compost into a pile of nothingness. However, our lawn care Murphy TX experts are here to offer you some tips and suggestions on how to care for your winter compost to make it efficient.

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Young Gen Lawn Care Plano TX Trends for 2019

It seems that Instagram sets the tone in gardening and landscaping for the upcoming year. The young generation of property owners gets more and more creative and it does not settle for less than they deserve. Today, our lawn care Plano TX service providers talk about the major 2019 trends in lawn care and landscaping, for your inspiration. Let’s see what to expect next year on our lawns and gardens!

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Petscaping: Lawn Care Allen TX Experts Talk about its Principles

As we mentioned on a previous occasion, pet-friendly landscapes (petscaping) is one of the most significant trends for next year. More and more people want to enjoy their lush lawns and gardens and offer their furry friends the same happiness. However, our lawn care Allen TX experts say that preparing your landscape for pets is more difficult than it seems. Today, they offer you a short guideline on how to prep your property to provide your four-legged buddy the freedom, health, and space it needs.

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Lawn Care in Plano TX – For Outdoor Space Worthy of the State’s Heritage

The South is often characterized by warmth, both climate-wise and personality-wise. Southerners find themselves blessed with gorgeous weather for most of the year, and this probably contributes to their legendary hospitality. They love to entertain, and do it outdoors at that, which is why it’s important for them to arrange for regular lawn care. In Plano TX, one of the proudest Southern states, it’s customary for the fine ladies to gather for a bit of chat and afternoon sweet tea. The best place for this rendezvous is obviously the garden, so it’s really important to keep their outdoor space well-groomed. Continue reading

Don’t Breed your own Mosquitoes! Pest Control McKinney TX Pros’ Advice

When you live in Texas, a few things become universal truths you just have to learn to live with: summer is all about pests; it takes only a cup of water left in the yard to generate a mosquito infestation on your property; not spending time outside in your own garden because of the mosquitoes is not an option. So what do you do? We have talked a while ago about keeping mosquitoes off premises but today we will talk about how not entertaining and breeding them unknowingly. Our pest control McKinney TX specialists are here to tell you how to treat mosquitoes so bad, they will start avoiding your property.

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3 Tips for Choosing the Right Plano TX Lawn Care Program

Often when confronted with choices, you’ll hear the saying that “variety is the spice of life.” For the most part this is completely true, however it does make things more difficult when attempting to narrow down your Lawn Care Plano TX choices and ultimately choose the option that is best for you. Well when it comes to lawn care, the saying holds true, as there are many different options and a bevy of information. That’s why in today’s blog, we will give you 3 tips to make you choice of a lawn care program a bit easier.

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