Bush Trimming Service

Jonathan explains why CitiTurf choose to focus on being the premier bush trimming service


  • Bushes Trimmed Correctly From Top To Bottom – Round Bushes That Are Really Round – Hedge Rows That Are Level And Straight – Rectangular Bushes That Are True Rectangles
  • Training To Ensure The Trimming and Pruning Mistakes That Take a Bush or Ornamental Tree Years To Recover From Are Never Made.
  • Weed Free Flower Beds
  • Excellent Pruning and Trimming Methods To Make Each Trimming Last As Long As Possible
  • Ability To Identify Disease, Fungus and Insect Issues
  • Impress Clients, Relatives, Friends and Neighbors – Can’t Have A Great Looking Lawn Without Great Looking Flower Beds, Ornamental Trees and Shrubs.

Buying Criteria for Bush Trimming Services

(a few important questions to ask when selecting a pest control company)

  • Do You top Crape Myrtles?  What is the one and only reason you would top a Crape Myrtle? (hint… it’s a very bad practice… we don’t do it except — call and ask us about the one exception)
  • Does the lawn company you are considering have a Guarantee so powerful that you can know with absolute certainty that you will not be on the losing end of a bad lawn care experience.  Will they be around to fix and make right a lawn care mistake?  Would they go as far as to pay another company of your choosing to ensure your complete satisfaction?
  • Does the company, at a minimum, have a 1,000,000 + general liability policy to protect you in the event of damage?  If not, your homeowner’s policy and personal money to cover the deductible is a risk.  This is serious and this is a real risk.  Hedge trimmers are one of the most dangerous pieces of equipment in the industry.  And don’t forget the ladders… make sure you eliminate your risk of being sued if a worker is injured on your property.
  • Is bush trimming one of your core services or are you more of a mow, blow and go company? What steps do you take to be great a trimming bushes and ornamental trees?
  • Do they know the bush types, trimming standards, can they identify fungus, mold and insect issues?
  • Do you work closely with and are you endorsed by any of the local premier tree service companies?  If so, who.  (if your lawn company finds a problem they need to be able to recommend a fast solution and connect you with the best person to fix it immediately — they need to know exactly what to do to prevent lose)
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