If you notice that the leaves on your trees or shrubs are turning yellow with green veins, you may think that it looks pretty. However, it is actually a sign that your plants are suffering from an iron deficiency. Due to alkaline soil conditions, iron deficiency in trees and shrubs is quite common here in Texas. There are treatment options available to replenish your plants with iron, such as soil injections and trunk injections. You can prevent your trees and shrubs from becoming iron deficient again in the future by scheduling a treatment every spring.

How do your trees and shrubs become iron deficient?

There are several different things that can cause your trees and shrubs to become deficient in iron; these things include nutrient deficiencies in your soil, compacted soil, and excessive amounts of organic matter in your soil. However, the problem doesn't always have to do with what is or isn't in your soil, rather your tree or shrub's inability to absorb the nutrients from the soil. That may be caused by root damage (perhaps from nearby construction) or overwatering and poor drainage (that leads to nutrients being washed away before your plants can absorb them). Either way, these issues result in your trees or shrubs not taking in enough vital nutrients (such as iron). When your plants don't absorb enough vital nutrients, they produce insufficient amounts of chlorophyll, which results in discolored leaves.

Untreated iron deficiency in trees and shrubs can lead to stunted growth and increased susceptibility to pests and diseases.

How can you treat iron deficiency in your trees and shrubs?

Tree injected with iron due to deficiency in Murphy, TX.

If your trees or shrubs are showing signs of iron deficiency, they will require an iron supplement. Two highly effective ways to administer iron supplements to your plants are through trunk injections and soil injections; if your tree or shrub is dangerously deficient in iron, both treatment methods can sometimes be applied. With trunk injections, a small hole will be drilled into the trunk of your tree where liquid iron will be injected directly into its vascular system. Then, the vascular system will transport the liquid iron to all of your tree's branches, stems, and leaves, which will replenish that vital nutrient.

With soil injections, liquid iron will be infused into the soil surrounding your tree or shrub using a soil probe. Once the roots of your plant absorb the iron supplement, it will gradually spread to the rest of the plant.

Prevent iron deficiency with an annual spring treatment.

While you can apply iron supplements at any time of the year, the best time to treat your trees and shrubs for iron deficiency is in the spring. This is because your trees and shrubs are beginning to emerge from winter dormancy and require a bit of help to fuel healthy growth. By applying iron supplements in the spring, you are ensuring that your trees and shrubs have enough iron to successfully green up and enter their next growing season healthy.

Iron plays a huge part in your plant's ability to photosynthesize, so you must treat for iron deficiency as soon as possible.

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Iron chlorosis infected tree leaves in Plano, TX.

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