Having an irrigation system in Texas is key to keeping your lawn hydrated. However, if you've noticed that your irrigation system has low water pressure and is not functioning as it should, then there could be several potential causes. First, you might have a broken pipe with water leaking from the system. It could also be that there is a malfunction with the backflow preventer valve or that your main water valve is not fully open. There could also be something obstructing the water flow, such as a clogged sprinkler head. Regardless of the issue, it's always advised to contact professionals so that they can quickly identify the problem and solve it.

Your irrigation system may have low water pressure due to a broken pipe.

Irrigation pipe in the ground in Plano, TX.

Low water pressure from your irrigation system might be the result of a broken pipe. Gushing water spouting from your lawn is one very obvious indicator of a broken pipe, but it is not always so noticeable. Other subtler signs of a break in your irrigation pipes include weeping sprinkler heads, taller or darker grass growing around a sprinkler head, or even fungal growth from overly moist conditions. Any leak will decrease the pressure of your irrigation system, not to mention use up a fair bit of water. This situation can be especially challenging as finding the leak is not always easy since the pipes are located underground.

Low water pressure in your irrigation system could be caused by a malfunction with the backflow preventer valve.

Your backflow preventer valve is an important component of your irrigation system that keeps water moving in the right direction. If this valve isn't doing its job, then your irrigation system's water pressure will lessen, which could make it the cause of your situation. A backflow preventer valve could malfunction for several reasons, one being a damaged O-ring on the system diaphragm. Your valve could also be hampered by installation errors or not having the valve completely open, thereby restricting water flow.

If your main water valve isn't completely open, it could cause your irrigation system to have low water pressure.

Debris in your irrigation system can prevent your water valve from completely opening. The buildup of foreign material can impede water flow throughout your irrigation system. However, there could also be other causes of a water valve malfunction. The valve can get stuck if your irrigation system has not been used for a while, or there could also be a break in the mechanism preventing the valve from remaining open. It's possible that there could even be an electrical component not working. If any of these issues are occurring, it could cause your irrigation system to have low water pressure.

Clogged sprinkler heads could be causing your irrigation system to have low water pressure.

Person in Plano, TX, working on a sprinkler head.

All systems get gummed up sooner or later and require cleaning and maintenance to keep them in optimal condition. In the case of an irrigation system, it could be that low water pressure stems from clogged sprinkler heads or obstructions in the pipes. Sprinkler heads can accumulate algae, sediment, calcium, and bacterial slime, clogging your system and preventing strong water flow. Pipes, too, can amass these obstructions as well as other foreign materials.

A misting sprinkler head can be a sign of a clogged sprinkler.

What should you do if your irrigation system has low water pressure?

Because there could be so many things causing your irrigation system to have low water pressure, you'll want to hire professionals to troubleshoot and locate the source of the issue. Professionals have the skills and experience to locate the problem and make the necessary repairs to get it up and running again in no time.

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