Your irrigation system keeps your lawn and landscape in Texas well-watered, so it can be worrisome when it stops working. Numerous problems can cause this, such as leaks, broken pipes, and damaged sprinkler heads, among others. So, what should you do if your irrigation system isn't working? You should contact irrigation professionals immediately so they can inspect your system and determine what's wrong. Then, they'll repair the issue promptly to get it up and running again. You'll also want to consider investing in routine irrigation checkups to reduce the need for repairs in the future.

What are common issues that can cause your irrigation system to stop working?

Your irrigation system consists of numerous complex parts working together to deliver water to your vegetation. However, this also means that equally as many things can go wrong. Common issues that can cause it to stop working include the following:

  • Leaks: Leaks can occur anywhere in your irrigation system, from the pipes to the sprinkler heads. Common indications of a leak include abnormally wet areas on your lawn, a higher-than-usual water bill, and low water pressure.
  • Broken Pipes: A broken pipe can cause your irrigation system to stop working properly. As a result, you may notice a decrease in water pressure due to a leak.
  • Damaged Sprinkler Heads: Damaged or clogged sprinkler heads can leave parts of your lawn without adequate water, causing it to turn brown.
  • Faulty Valves: Faulty valves can leave irrigation zones without proper hydration. Another issue could be that the main water valve isn't fully open, restricting water flow.
  • Improperly Set Timers: When your irrigation system's timers are set incorrectly, it won't provide the water each zone needs when they need it. This means that some may receive more or less than they need, causing over or underwatering.

What should you do if your irrigation system isn't working?

When your irrigation system isn't working, you'll want to act promptly to ensure your vegetation receives the water it needs again. Because of this, you should contact irrigation professionals as soon as possible. When you do, they'll visit your property and inspect your system to find the source of the problem. Once they determine what's wrong, they'll repair it to get it up and running again.

Some irrigation companies will cover the parts and labor to repair your irrigation system with a warranty.

Invest in routine irrigation system checkups to reduce the need for repairs in the future.

Although irrigation repairs are sometimes necessary, you can reduce issues and the need for them in the future by investing in routine system checkups. These checkups involve pros going through your entire system to see whether everything works how it should. If they notice anything wrong during their inspections, they can promptly notify you and perform the necessary repairs to prevent the issue from worsening. That way, you don't have to worry about your irrigation system breaking down, and your lawn and landscape can continue to receive the water they need to thrive.

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