Having a lush, green lawn is a dream for every homeowner. After a long winter in Texas, your grass may need a little help getting green and growing again. This is where spring fertilizer comes in. Spring fertilizer provides the necessary nutrients for your lawn to come out of dormancy and jumpstart its growth. A spring fertilizer treatment will not only promote a healthy revival of your lawn but also strengthen your grass for the hot summer months ahead and the stressors that come with it. With proper fertilization, you can ensure your lawn is well-maintained and prepared for the new year!

Spring fertilizer will help your lawn recover from winter.

Fertilizing your lawn after winter is a crucial step in keeping it healthy. After experiencing freezing temperatures in Texas, your turf will need to emerge from dormancy and may even be suffering from cold damage, resulting in brown and wilting patches.

A spring fertilizer treatment will provide your lawn with a nutrient boost that will aid in its revival. These nutrients help your grass grow faster, promote the development of a deep root system, and increase its resistance to pests and diseases. Using spring fertilizer will also help restore your lawn's color and vigor, making it look lush and green. The more vibrant and green your lawn is, the easier it is for grass to absorb light for photosynthesis. This is another reason why it is recommended to fertilize your lawn in the spring, as it provides the necessary nutrients for color enhancement, which, in turn, increases energy production.

In addition to applying spring fertilizer, it is also recommended to core aerate your lawn every spring.

Spring fertilizer supports your lawn's development.

Spring fertilizers contain a specific amount of each nutrient that your lawn needs to start growing again. Nitrogen-rich fertilizers are ideal for this purpose, as nitrogen promotes the growth of leaves and stems. Nitrogen is an essential nutrient for plants in general as it helps them synthesize chlorophyll, which enables them to absorb energy from sunlight and convert it into food through photosynthesis. A spring fertilizer treatment also provides your lawn with potassium and phosphorus, two essential nutrients that offer their own benefits. Phosphorus helps your lawn grow deeper and stronger roots, while potassium helps reduce water loss, keeping your lawn hydrated.

Prepare for summer by using a spring fertilizer treatment.

As we transition from spring to summer, it can become more challenging for your lawn to thrive without the help of a spring fertilizer treatment. The winter months your grass spent in dormancy will have expended its storage of nutrients and water. This leaves your lawn vulnerable, especially since summer will bring with it various stressors that can negatively affect your grass. Stressors like the scorching heat, drought, pests, and the potential increased usage of your lawn will test your lawn's endurance, making spring fertilizer imperative. By applying a spring fertilizer treatment, you can restore your lawn's health and vitality, making it more resilient to harsh summer conditions.

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