Iron is an essential nutrient that aids in photosynthesis and helps your trees and shrubs grow healthy and strong. Iron deficiency can cause yellowing leaves, stunted growth, and poor resistance to diseases and insect infestations. Your plants need iron to produce chlorophyll, which plays a vital role in their ability to absorb sunlight and convert it into food! In Texas, the two best ways to supply iron to your trees and shrubs are trunk injections and soil probes. Trunk injections involve injecting iron directly into the trunk of your trees to supply it directly into the vascular system. Soil probes, on the other hand, involve infusing iron into the soil around the plants, where it can be absorbed via the roots of your plants. Make sure you always have professionals administer iron treatments to ensure they are applied correctly so your plants can reap all of the benefits they provide.

Trunk injections are a great way to supply your plants with iron.

One of the most effective ways to supply your plants with iron is through trunk injections. This type of treatment involves drilling a hole directly into the trunk of your tree and then injecting a liquid iron treatment into it. When you use this method, iron will be delivered directly into the vascular system of your tree, where it will then be transported to the branches, stems, and leaves.

Soil probes will give your plants access to the iron they need to thrive.

Soil probes are another excellent way to provide your trees and shrubs with iron. With this method, a long tube-like probe is inserted into the ground near the root zone of your plant. The probe releases iron into the surrounding soil, where it can then be absorbed by your plants. This method is highly effective at replenishing the supply of this important nutrient and helping to prevent iron deficiency in your trees and shrubs.

Combining iron treatments with tree and shrub fertilization treatments will ensure your plants always have the nutrients they need to thrive!

Hire professionals to administer iron treatments to your trees and shrubs.

Because supplying iron to your trees and shrubs can be so vital to the overall health of your plants, you'll want to ensure it's done right. That's why it's important to hire professionals to administer iron treatments. Professionals have the knowledge and experience necessary to know which method will be best for your specific plants and will also know when to administer these treatments to get the best results for your trees and shrubs. They can also use specialized tools and techniques to administer these treatments properly without causing any harm to your plants.

When you hire professionals to treat your trees and shrubs, you can rest assured that they will always apply the appropriate amount of iron based on the size and health of your plants. If the dose of iron administered is too high, there is a risk of damaging your plants. On the other hand, if the dose of iron is too low, the treatment won't be effective. Pros always make sure that the proper amount of iron is applied to your trees and shrubs to provide exceptional results.

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