Here in Texas, chiggers can be a problem for property owners throughout the year. These tiny, red mites are nearly microscopic and they love latching on to passing hosts to feed off of them. While these pests are most active in April or May, they can infest properties at any time throughout the year. To help deter these mites from making your property their home, you should mow your lawn and trim your bushes regularly because chiggers love to climb to the top of tall grass and bushes to latch onto a passing host. However, while you can take steps to deter them from coming onto your property, the only real way to eliminate chiggers from your property is by scheduling professional chigger control treatments.

What are chiggers?

Chigger on grass blade in Sachse, TX.

Chiggers are tiny bugs that are part of the mite family. Because they are so small, they can be hard to spot by the naked eye, but they can be identified by their bright orange-reddish color that sets them apart from other mites. Here in Texas, these pests are most active during the early spring months of April and May, however, they can be active all year long and they can produce up to four generations per year. These tiny mites pose a problem for both humans and animals because they will latch onto them and bite them so that they can feed off of them. When a chigger bites you, you won't feel any pain, but after a few hours, the bites will start to itch and you'll likely be left with red bumps or welts that can last for several weeks.

How do you deter chiggers from infesting your property?

If you're looking for a way to deter chiggers from infesting your property, there are two things that you can do: keep your lawn mowed short and trim your bushes on a regular basis. Chiggers love to climb to the top of tall grass or to the tips of bushes and wait for a host to pass by so that they can latch onto them. By keeping your lawn mowed short and your bushes trimmed, you will eliminate the opportunities for chiggers to do so, and they may move on to another property.

Another reason that chiggers like tall grass and overgrown bushes are because it provides them with shade. Chiggers don't like direct sunlight and will seek shelter from it whenever they can. By eliminating these shaded areas on your property, you will be reducing the chances that chiggers will make your property their home.

To ensure your property is chigger-free, you should schedule professional treatments.

While you can help deter chiggers from coming onto your property by trimming your bushes and keeping your lawn mowed short, there is no guarantee that will keep them away. The only real way to ensure that your property is chigger-free is by scheduling professional chigger control treatments. Professionals will know what areas of your property to target and will use highly effective products that have been proven to eliminate chiggers. If you truly want to ensure your property is free of chiggers, you should reach out to your local pest control company and sign up for their chigger control program.

When hiring a company to perform a chigger control treatment, check to ensure that they will also treat the inside of your home.

Dealing with a chigger infestation? Give us a call to schedule our chigger control treatments!

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If you're dealing with a chigger infestation on your property, it's time to give us a call. At CitiTurf, we offer a chigger control program that involves two separate treatments, two weeks apart, to completely eliminate chiggers from your property. What's more, we will also treat the inside of your home to eliminate any chiggers that may have found their way inside! We offer our chigger control treatments to homeowners in Plano, Allen, Frisco, McKinney, TX and throughout the surrounding areas. Give us a call today at 972-516-0001 to sign up!