Spring is the start of the new growing season for your lawn, but the same goes for weeds. Weeds are a common nuisance here in Texas, stealing nutrients and other resources from your turf for themselves, so you'll want to keep it weed-free to ensure it can access everything it needs to thrive. That's where weed control comes in! There are two different types of weed control treatments that you should use: pre-emergent and post-emergent. Pre-emergents will prevent new weeds from sprouting, while post-emergents will eliminate any existing growth on your lawn. Fertilizer treatments should also be applied in the spring to jumpstart your grass with essential nutrients.

Keeping Your Lawn Weed-Free Will Ensure It Can Access the Nutrients & Resources It Needs

Weeds are pesky plants that take every opportunity to invade your lawn and steal nutrients and other resources for themselves. These resources are vital for your turf's success in the spring, so you'll want to keep it weed-free - hence why weed control is essential! Without nuisance weeds causing problems, it can access everything it needs to thrive and stay at its best throughout the growing season.

Common weeds in Texas include nutsedge, creeping Charlie, quackgrass, chickweed, and spurge.

What type of weed control should you use in the spring?

There are two different types of weed control treatments that you should use in the spring: pre-emergent and post-emergent. Utilizing both is the best way to achieve a weed-free lawn, as each works differently. Here's what these treatments do:

  • Pre-emergent weed control treatments are applied across your lawn before a certain point in the weed growth cycle. As it absorbs into the soil, it creates a barrier that inhibits newly germinated weeds from reaching the resources they need to continue growing, causing them to die. This treatment is highly beneficial for reducing the number of weeds that surface on your turf in the first place.
  • Post-emergent weed control treatments target weeds that have already surfaced and are stealing precious nutrients from your grass. These herbicides are sprayed directly onto the existing growth, where they'll then seep into the soil and kill it at its roots.

When you apply both pre- and post-emergent weed control in the spring, you can cover both ends of the weed growth cycle. Pre-emergents will drastically reduce how many pop up, and post-emergents will eliminate any that were already past a certain point and weren't affected by the preventative barrier.

Pair Weed Control With Fertilizer Treatments in the Spring to Give Your Grass a Jumpstart

In addition to weed control in the spring, you'll also want to apply fertilizer treatments. After all, your grass goes dormant during the winter to preserve its energy and resources to survive this stressful season, so it'll need some help emerging into the spring. A fertilizer treatment will give it a jumpstart with essential nutrients, including nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. These three macronutrients help stimulate new, healthy growth, restore your turf's vibrant green color, and promote deep, robust root systems. Not only will your lawn enter the new growing season weed-free, but it'll also have the nourishment it needs to reach its full potential!

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