Lawn fertilizer and weed control are both integral services that are used to maintain a strong and healthy lawn throughout the year. Fertilizer will supply your grass with nutrients so that it can green up, establish strong roots in your soil, and increase its resistance to diseases among other things. Weed control, on the other hand, will keep weeds off your lawn so your grass doesn’t have to compete with them for nutrients and resources, which is especially helpful in Texas where we have to deal with stubborn weeds like chickweeds and crowfoot grass! When you pair these two services together, they make the perfect combination because you'll be supplying your lawn with the nutrients that it needs while preventing weeds from stealing any of those nutrients. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of weed control and fertilizer, and why you should pair them together!

How does fertilizer benefit your lawn?

Healthy lawn after fertilizer treatments in Allen, TX.

When you’re aiming to establish a lush, green lawn, there’s no better resource than fertilizer to help you achieve that goal. Fertilizer supplies your grass with a variety of nutrients to help it grow strong and healthy. Most fertilizers contain three essential nutrients that are integral to your grass’s health and development. Those nutrients are nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Nitrogen is considered the most important of these nutrients because of all the different ways it benefits your grass. Supplying your lawn with nitrogen will help it green up and encourage dense growth. Phosphorus helps your grass establish strong roots in your soil, which is especially important for new lawns. Potassium will help bolster your grass’s resistance to pests and diseases while also increasing its stress tolerance to environmental conditions.

Fertilizers have what's called an N-P-K ratio that tells you their percentage of nutrients. The letters stand for nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium respectively.

How does weed control benefit your lawn?

Tech spraying weed control treatment to lawn in Murphy, TX.

Weed control will benefit your lawn because it will eliminate weeds that would otherwise steal nutrients and resources from your grass. Additionally, weeds can drag down your curb appeal, which is another reason that you would want them removed from your lawn. There are two common types of weed control: pre-emergent treatments and post-emergent treatments. Pre-emergent treatments are designed to stop weeds from sprouting so you never have to deal with them and post-emergent treatments will eliminate existing weeds on your property. Once the weeds are taken care of, then your grass will benefit from their absence by being able to absorb those valuable resources without anything getting in the way.

Schedule pre-emergent weed control early in the spring to prevent weeds from sprouting on your lawn at the start of the growing season!

How do fertilizer and weed control work together to benefit your lawn?

While both fertilizer and weed control services can benefit your lawn individually, they actually work best when they’re paired together. Fertilizer will give your lawn the nutrients it needs to grow, but without weed control, weeds will steal some of those nutrients for themselves. Weed control will give you a weed-free lawn, but without fertilizer, your lawn won't have the nutrients that it needs to thrive. By combining these two services, you get the best of both worlds, a weed-free lawn that will have all of the nutrients that it needs to grow healthy and strong.

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