Following an ideal mowing schedule is crucial for keeping your lawn in Texas healthy and pristine throughout the growing season. You should start mowing bi-weekly in March to stimulate new growth as it emerges from winter dormancy. Then, from April to mid-October, switch to weekly mowing to keep up with its growth and ensure it stays at an optimal height. From mid-October to mid-November, you'll want to return to bi-weekly mowing since its growth is starting to slow down again. To ensure your lawn receives proper maintenance and the right amount is cut off each time, you should hire pros to mow it.

Mow your lawn bi-weekly throughout March.

In March, your lawn in Texas is starting to emerge from winter dormancy, so it's time to start mowing it again. During this month, you'll want to do so bi-weekly because it's not growing as quickly yet, but it will stimulate new growth. That way, you can help get it on the right track for the upcoming growing season. However, you'll want to avoid cutting too much off the top of the grass blades but just enough to wake it up from dormancy.

The general rule of thumb to follow when mowing your lawn is to avoid cutting more than 1/3 off the top of the grass blades.

Mow your lawn weekly from April to mid-October.

From April to mid-October is the active growing season for your lawn in Texas, meaning it'll do most of its growth during this period. Because of this, you'll want to switch to a weekly mowing schedule to keep up with its growth, maintain a pristine aesthetic, and bolster healthy, vigorous grass. However, you'll want to implement good practices to ensure it doesn't become stressed out or vulnerable to issues, such as adjusting your mower's deck height to your turf type, keeping the blades sharp, and rotating mowing patterns each time.

From mid-October to mid-November, mow your lawn bi-weekly again.

As fall arrives, your lawn's growth rate starts to slow down again, meaning it won't need mowing as often. So, you'll want to return to bi-weekly mowing from mid-October to mid-November. During this time, your lawn is focusing less on grass growth and more on root development in preparation for winter dormancy. However, while it's not as actively growing, it's still essential to keep it well-maintained and healthy. It's also important to ensure you don't leave it too long but avoid cutting it too short; when it's too long, it can become matted and trap moisture underneath, creating an ideal environment for lawn diseases, while mowing it too low will leave it vulnerable to winter stress.

Hire professionals to take care of mowing your lawn for you.

Maintaining an ideal mowing schedule can be a bit of a chore, not to mention more challenging than it sounds. Fortunately, you can hire professionals to take care of mowing your lawn for you! Lawn care experts know exactly how often to mow your grass during specific times of the year and how much to cut off to encourage healthy growth. They also have the experience and equipment to do the job efficiently and effectively. Plus, it saves you the time and energy of having to do it yourself, allowing you to enjoy a beautiful lawn without the hassle.

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At CitiTurf, we offer our professional lawn mowing service to residential property owners in Plano, Allen, Frisco, McKinney, and other surrounding areas in Texas. With this service, you can expect our team to follow an ideal mowing schedule, starting with bi-weekly visits in March, switching to weekly from April until mid-October, and returning to bi-weekly again from mid-October to mid-November. What's more, we'll also string-trim, edge, and blow debris off your hard surfaces for a clean finish, plus follow good mowing practices to ensure we keep your lawn healthy and pristine. Call us today at 972-516-0001 to sign up for our lawn mowing service!