It may have been possible to ignore your lawn during winter, but as spring approaches, more and more of your neighbors are turning their attention to caring for their lawns. This means that you should also think about pimping your lawn. In an effort to help you find the most efficient lawn care companies in Murphy, we have compiled a list in which we take the very best into account.

Garcia’s Lawncare

Taking care of the lawn can be a long and tedious task. The good news is that you don’t have to do it, and risk failing in the process, because companies like Garcia’s Lawcare is here to help. Among their extensive set of features, we can include tending to the lawn, restoring and trimming it, landscaping, fertilization, pest control etc.

Stewart Lawncare & Landscape

One of the reasons why we enjoyed Stewart Lawncare is because they also offer brilliant lighting, irrigation and landscaping services for their clients. Their main goal is to help you create a garden that best reflects your personality and desires.


If tending to your lawn is not the first think you think about in the morning, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t Lawntech’s. This company is extremely dedicated to providing you with the perfect lawn. Take a look through their website because there are many great discounts and offers that you might want to take advantage of.

Scarano Lawn Care

Number four in our best Murphy lawn care companies list is Scarano. This provider puts customers above all else, and this means that they want to create the best experience possible for them. Their services include lawn pest control, shrub treatments, fertilization and others.

Scott’s Lawn Service

Last on the lists is the Scotts Lawn service company. The Scotts company also offers a wide variety of special products that will make tending to the garden a breeze. Among their many services we will include pest control, landscaping and lawncare.

Our Company

Not to toot our horn, but CitiTurf is undoutebly one of the best lawn care companies in Murphy, that also provides with the most seasoned technicians and professionals. Because they have had so much experience with these lawns, and are also re-trained upon joining the CitiTurf team, you can be sure that they will provide with excellent services. CitiTurf takes great pride in providing services by people, for people, and until now, all the customers were extremely happy with their results.

As you can probably imagine, there are dozens of other companies that you could have chosen to take care for your lawn, in this area alone. Nevertheless, with so many choices, it is essential to somehow narrow them down and choose only the most suitable ones. If you are ever in need of information, CitiTurf will help you decide so don’t hesitate to call.