Spring is the time for life, regeneration and blossoming trees. But watching plants come back to life also brings thoughts of hiring a lawn care company to tend to the weeds and grass before summer grabs a hold, and the garden can no longer be tamed. Believe us when we tell you that a well-kempt, lush, green lawn will make your time outside so much better. Nevertheless, as much as you’d want to tend to your lawn, most of the times it is impossible without professional help. Here are the best five lawn service providers in McKinney:

Stewart Lawncare & Landscape

The Stewart services are focused on landscaping, lighting and irrigation services, but they also offer a great variety of other services. They are 100% dedicated to creating a yard that reflects the personality of the owner, and thus far, they have succeeded.


Lawntech has made it its life mission to take care of your lawn, so you can rest assured that it is in good hands. Take a Lawn survey, pay in advance, or ask for a profession. Whatever you choose, it is possible at Lawntech. There are also tons of discounts and good offers to choose from.

Scott’s Lawn Service

Because tending to a needy lawn is the last thing that most people want to take care of when they finish work, Scotts Lawn service will help. Not only will they tend to your garden, but they also offer a myriad of interesting products to help maintain your garden.

Scarano Lawn Care

Number four in our best Murphy lawn care companies list is Scarano. This provider puts customers above all else, and this means that they want to create the best experience possible for them. Their services include lawn pest control, shrub treatments, fertilization and others.

Garcia’s Lawn Care

The Garcia’s lawn care company is all about making a wonderful garden accessible to people who can’t grow it themselves. They offer several services including tree and shrub trimming, landscaping, lawn grass restoring and pest control. They also focus on high-quality customer service, and impeccable service.


We couldn’t finish this article without bragging a bit about our company, now could we? CitiTurf is undeniably, one of the most effective lawn care service providers out there. 99.9% of the customers loved the services and the final results, and this is mainly because the company boasts perfect worth ethic and high-quality costumer service. Considering that they have been tending to the lawns of McKinney for such a long time, it seems only natural that they have become so popular. CitiTurf offers services like lawn care, fertilization, weed care control management, sprinkler system repair, pest control and many other, and they will clearly enhance the overall appearance of your garden.

With so many lawn care companies servicing the McKinney lake area, choosing one can be a bit of an ordeal. What should you be looking for? How much should they be charging? What services do I really need? These are questsions that you must answer before contacting a potential company. We would love it if you chose Cititurf as your lawn care provider, but you can also choose one of the contenders that best suits your needs. Make sure you have based your decision on solid facts, testimonials and examples that the services work before.