Your lawn can be the star attraction of your property, especially if you have managed to keep it well-maintained and healthy all year long. A good-looking yard simply inspires good times: barbecue parties, outdoor play with the kids, hanging out with friends and neighbors, enjoying the fresh breeze, the sunshine or the starry sky. 

However, it takes effort and investment in time and money if you want to follow commonly used principles in lawn care. Frisco, TX homeowners can confirm this – their area is commonly described as having a humid subtropical climate, making it particularly challenging to keep greens lush and healthy especially during hot summers.

What homeowners should know is that there are actually techniques that can make lawn care more manageable and more budget friendly – and in many cases, environment-friendly, too.  By taking a more thoughtful and responsible approach to taking care of your lawn, you can also contribute to caring for the planet while caring for your property. You can conserve water, save energy and avoid toxic fertilizers that harm the Earth with the following sustainable lawn care framework.

Go for green gardening styles. A thoughtful gardener studies the soil, climate and environment first to learn about the kinds of grass and plants that are most suitable for their area. Varieties that match your environment and soil conditions won’t usually need strong chemicals just to thrive and will require less fussy care and just the essential resources.

Implement wise watering systems. Know how you can reduce the volume and frequency of water use by implementing watering schedules and utilizing irrigation techniques that use water efficiently. Think about how you can schedule watering early in the morning, use collected rainwater and install drip irrigation, as eco-friendly experts recommend.

See if you can recycle or reuse green waste. Yard trimmings, fallen leaves and small branches that fall from trees after a storm can be collected and be reused as natural mulch or fertilizers. Ask your lawn care company about green waste management services to see how you can set up a system that will enable you to integrate recycling into your lawn care process.

Have your lighting systems checked. When people discuss sustainable lawn care, they usually focus on water conservation and the use of organic fertilizers and solutions. One thing that should also get attention is energy use in the garden, especially electricity used for night lighting. A lawn care maintenance company offering comprehensive services will have the skills and equipment to assess your lighting system to see if wires and bulbs are in good condition and to recommend installations that will reduce energy consumption.