Many property owners here in Texas don't realize how advantageous mulch ground covers can be. Having mulch ground covers installed is an easy way to upgrade your landscape and improve the overall health of the plants in your gardens. Springtime is the best time to replenish your mulch for 3 main reasons; mulch regulates the temperature of your soil, which is crucial in the spring due to the coming change in temperature. Mulch also helps to maintain the moisture in your soil, keeping the roots of your plants moist for longer. Finally, mulch helps to suppress weeds that grow aggressively in the springtime.

Mulch helps to regulate soil temperature.


Regulating the temperature of your soil is a crucial part of keeping your plants healthy and encouraging growth; it is especially important in the spring because of the impending weather changes of summer. Here in Texas, summer temperatures can reach over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, which is far too hot for the roots of your plants to grow. The optimal soil temperature for plant growth is anywhere from 65 to 75 degrees. By replenishing your mulch ground cover in the spring, you are able to regulate the soil temperature to keep it closer to the optimal growth range. This is due to the fact that mulch acts as a natural insulation that keeps your plant's roots at an ideal temperature. Although a mulch ground cover is particularly helpful in the spring, it will also help your plants out in the winter by keeping your soil warmer for longer.

Mulch helps to retain soil moisture.

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A mulch ground cover can help keep retain the moisture in your soil for a longer period of time. This is because it protects your soil from the sun, giving the roots of your plants more time to absorb water. During the summer months, weather conditions will be hotter and drier which will cause water in your gardens to evaporate quickly, reducing the amount of time your soil has to absorb it; that means that you will have to water the plants in your gardens much more often to ensure that they stay hydrated. If you replenish your mulch ground cover in the spring, the mulch will help your soil stay moist for longer so the water will have more time to absorb into your soil. That way, your plants will stay hydrated and require far less watering throughout the summer.

The ideal thickness of a mulch ground cover is 2 to 3 inches because your plants will receive all the benefits of the mulch without being suffocated.

Mulch helps to suppress weeds.

Bare dirt is a breeding ground for new weeds, and weeds especially thrive in spring weather. An easy way to prevent new weeds from breaking through the surface is by installing a mulch ground cover. Weeds need access to sunlight to germinate and grow, just like your plants do; a layer of mulch will block the weeds from taking in sunlight, which deters them from taking root in the first place. Mulch ground covers also prevent weeds from having access to oxygen and essentially suffocate them. All in all, mulch is a great option if you are looking for a way to suppress those pesky springtime weeds in your gardens.

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