Spring brings with it an opportunity for a fresh start, whether it be spring cleaning in your home or a spring cleanup in your lawn and landscape. Though tempting to put off, skipping a spring cleanup in your yard can cause harm throughout your property by smothering grass and letting weeds take hold of your landscape beds. By scheduling a spring cleanup – which typically includes leaf and debris removal, removal of weeds in landscape beds, pruning, and more – you will be encouraging healthy growth for your lawn and landscape. As your plants break dormancy, you'll reap the benefits of beautiful blooms and lush grass.

Winter Leaves & Debris Will Smother Your Grass

Lawn technician blowing leaves off of grass near The Colony, TX.

Winter brings wonderful visions of falling leaves and snow in some parts of the country, but the whimsy lasts only until spring. That's when you realize your lawn is now carpeted in leaves and other debris from winter, concealing the grass and plants underneath. Not being able to see the grass you worked hard to grow isn't even the worst part – by covering the grass, the leaves and debris are actively stifling your plants. Smothered grass is unable to absorb essential nutrients and water needed for strong post-winter growth. Without the ability to bounce back as the temperature warms up, your grass will be weakened and susceptible to lawn disease and insect infestations rampant in spring. It's essential to schedule a yard cleanup for spring to remove leaves, twigs, branches, stems, and yard clippings so that your grass can break dormancy and thrive in the landscape.

Your Landscape Beds Can't Thrive Without Weed Removal

Weeds need nutrients to grow, just like any other plant. That means if there are weeds in your landscape beds, they are stealing nutrients from the treasured blooms you want to thrive, preventing them from reaching their top potential. By removing weeds from your landscape beds, you'll avoid resource competition between weeds and your desired plants. Once the invaders are removed, your plants will have the room and resources to establish themselves, setting the landscape bed up for success throughout the rest of the season.

Out with the old, in with the new: Many people pair planting annual flowers with their spring cleanup for a beautiful rejuvenation of their lawn and landscape.

Pruning Your Plants Encourages Growth

Landscape technician pruning a plant near Parker, TX.

The spring cleanup is a perfect time to prune plants and get them ready for the growing season. Pruning removes any dead or diseased branches, preventing the disease from spreading to other parts of the plant and encouraging new, healthier growth to replace it. By thinning out a too-dense plant, you're helping increase light penetration to the base of the plant and improving air circulation as well. Pruning is also used to direct the growth and shape of the plant to better suit your landscape and the other plants surrounding it, resulting in a more manicured look in your landscape.

For plants such as roses, new shoots (like those that grow after pruning) will typically produce larger, more vibrant flowers.

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