If you have a lawn in Texas, you may be wondering what kind of fertilizer is best to use — granular or liquid. Well, both of these types of fertilizers are great options, so it comes down to what your lawn needs at a particular time. If your lawn could use a quick boost of nutrients right away, liquid fertilizer is the better option. However, if your lawn isn’t in need of a quick boost, granular fertilizer may be the way to go, as it’s designed to provide it with a steady supply of nutrients over an extended period of time. Continue reading this blog to learn more about liquid and granular fertilizers.

What is the difference between liquid and granular fertilizers?

Granular and liquid fertilizers are the two types used to nourish lawns and promote healthy growth. While both types of fertilizers can be effective, there are some key differences to consider when deciding which type to use on your lawn. For one, granular fertilizers come in small granules that are spread across your turf and then watered in. They release nutrients slowly over time, providing your grass with a steady supply of nourishment. On the other hand, liquid fertilizers are sprayed across your lawn and are fast-release, meaning they immediately begin absorbing into the soil and supplying nutrients to its roots.

Another difference between granular and liquid fertilizers is the ease of application. Granular fertilizers can be applied either by hand or with a spreader, while liquid ones require a sprayer or watering can. Some granular fertilizers may also require less frequent applications than liquid because of their slow-release formula.

When is liquid fertilizer the better option for your lawn?

Liquid fertilizer being applied to a lawn in Plano, TX.

Liquid fertilizer is an excellent option to use when your lawn needs nutrients right away. After all, there are certain times when it is under more stress than usual or is looking dull, so a quick pick-me-up from liquid fertilizer is just what it needs. That way, it can begin utilizing that nourishment to rebuild its strength and bolster healthy, verdant grass growth.

When is granular fertilizer the better option for your lawn?

Gloved professional holding granular fertilizer pellets in hands in Murphy, TX.

Granular fertilizer is a great choice when your lawn isn't in need of a quick boost of nutrients and would benefit more from a steady supply over an extended period of time. These fertilizers will provide a consistent supply of nourishment to the roots, which is beneficial when it goes long periods without another application or needs this to survive throughout a stressful time. Granular is also highly efficient at promoting a steady rate of healthy growth for your grass while eliminating the risk of fertilizer burn, which can happen with a fast-release product.

Most fertilizers are filled with the nutrients that your lawn needs to thrive, such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium!

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