Did you know that scalping a lawn is a great way to prepare it for the growing season? This process involves mowing the grass at a lower height than usual to expose the soil underneath. By scalping the lawn, you're allowing water, sunlight, and other important resources to reach the soil more easily, promoting healthier, quicker growth. In Texas, you can scalp your lawn either in late winter or early spring when it's cool enough for it to handle this process. Typically, lawn maintenance companies in Texas set their mower deck height to 1 1/2 inches when scalping and bag grass clippings afterward.

When should you scalp your lawn in Texas?

Freshly-cut lawn at a home in Plano, TX.

Scalping is a highly beneficial process that should be done in late winter or early spring for lawns in Texas. This is the time when the grass is just starting to come out of its winter dormancy and needs help to bounce back to life. Scalping is a process that involves removing the top layer of grass, which helps to expose the soil to the sun and other vital resources. This, in turn, warms up the soil and promotes quicker, healthier grass growth. Additionally, since the weather is still relatively cool during this time of year, your grass will have a better chance of recovering from the stress caused by scalping.

How are lawns in Texas scalped?

To scalp a lawn, professionals use a mower equipped with sharp blades meant for cutting close to the ground. Most lawns in Texas are scalped with the mower set to 1 1/2 inches, which is close enough to the ground to cut the grass but not too short that it damages the roots. However, for zoysia and St. Augustine grass, it is recommended to maintain a grass height of 2 inches. Afterward, most lawn maintenance companies will bag up grass clippings to prevent them from covering and restricting sunlight to the freshly cut parts of the lawn.

Why is scalping good for your lawn?

Scalping a lawn helps to prepare it for the upcoming growing season by giving it a fresh start. Over the winter months, your turf will have collected debris, which can prevent oxygen and other vital resources from reaching the roots, leading to thinning and weak spots.

By exposing the soil, you allow sunlight, water, and other essential nutrients to penetrate more deeply into the root zone. This means that the grass will be better able to absorb everything it needs, resulting in stronger, healthier growth. This will be especially helpful for your lawn to better withstand the brutal summer months here in Texas.

Allowing more sunlight to reach the soil of your lawn helps it warm up quicker, promoting quicker growth, especially from the crown.

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