If you have mulch in your landscape beds, replacing it every year is a must. Mulch consists of organic materials, so it decomposes over time. This means that while it releases nutrients into the soil as it breaks down, it also loses its other beneficial properties. Regularly refreshing this ground cover will ensure it provides all its intended health benefits to your plants, including weed suppression, moisture retention, soil temperature regulation, and erosion control. While you can replenish it any time, it's most commonly done in the spring here in Texas.

Mulch consists of organic materials, so it decomposes over time.

Mulch is a natural ground cover that consists of organic materials like wood chips or bark, so it decomposes over time. As it breaks down, it releases nutrients into the soil, which your plants need to stay healthy. However, it also means it loses its other beneficial properties and is no longer thick enough to protect them. Additionally, its color will fade, making your landscape beds look more run down than if they had a fresh layer of mulch.

Refreshing your mulch will ensure it provides all its intended health benefits.

When you refresh your mulch every year, it'll keep it fresh and ensure it provides all its intended health benefits to your plants. Here are the perks it offers:

  • Weed suppression: Mulch acts as a protective barrier that blocks weed seeds from reaching the soil in your landscape beds. Not only that, it also suffocates any existing weeds, blocking their access to sunlight and other resources they need to grow.
  • Soil temperature regulation: Mulch insulates the soil and protects the roots of your plants from drastic temperature fluctuations.
  • Moisture retention: Mulch helps retain moisture within the soil by reducing evaporation. That way, your plants can stay hydrated for longer.
  • Erosion control: Mulch covers the soil in your landscape beds and protects it from being washed away by rain and wind. This helps prevent nutrient loss and improves soil fertility for your plants.

Your mulch ground cover should be about 2-3 inches thick, as anything more will smother your plants, while anything less won't provide optimal benefits.

When should you refresh the mulch in your landscape beds?

There is no specific time of the year when you should refresh the mulch in your landscape beds. You can do it any time, but spring is the most common. Replacing your mulch in the spring will help set up your plants for a successful growing season. After all, many weeds germinate in the spring, but this ground cover will keep them from invading your landscape beds so that your plants don't have to compete for space and nutrients. Additionally, it'll keep the soil moist and cool, which is crucial during the hot summer months.

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