Leaf piles can quickly accumulate on your lawn in Plano, TX, and drag down its curb appeal. However, if you're thinking about burning the leaf piles, don't! Burning leaf piles can cause respiratory issues because the smoke releases irritants into the air. It's also a fire hazard because the burning leaves and embers can blow away and cause a fire elsewhere. What's more, burning leaves is prohibited in Plano to prevent wildfires and other accidents. The best way to tackle the leaf piles on your property is to sign up for a leaf removal service so skilled professionals can handle the job safely and efficiently.

Burning leaf piles releases irritants into the air that can cause respiratory issues.

One of the reasons why you shouldn't burn leaf piles is because it can release irritants into the air and cause respiratory issues. When you burn leaves, the smoke contains particles that can be inhaled and accumulate in the lungs, which can be hazardous, especially to people with asthma. Not only that, but these irritants can also potentially limit the amount of air that enters the lungs and cause breathing problems.

Burning leaves is a bad idea, whether they're wet or dry. However, it's important to note that wet leaves typically emit more smoke, according to Purdue University. This smoke also contains hydrocarbons, which can sometimes be carcinogenic and severely irritate the lungs, eyes, nose, and throat. Additionally, carbon monoxide is a toxic byproduct of burning leaf piles and, if inhaled, can limit the amount of oxygen carried by red blood cells, causing short-term and long-term effects on an individual.

Burning Leaf Piles Can be a Fire Hazard

Burning leaf piles on your lawn is a dangerous fire hazard because it can quickly go south and lead to a bigger, uncontrolled fire. When you burn them, unpredictable wind conditions can cause embers and leaves to blow away, thus potentially starting a fire elsewhere. For example, it can result in house fires or spread to nearby brush and cause a wildfire.

It's illegal to burn leaf piles in Plano, TX.

Another reason why you should not burn leaf piles is because it is illegal in Plano, TX. Collin County, where Plano is, does not authorize outdoor leaf burning because of the dry conditions in the area. The county released a burn ban that prohibits outdoor burning with certain exceptions, which include firefighter training and activities related to public utility. Offenders of this ban face penalties and even civil suits for damages!

Hire Professionals to Clean up the Leaves on Your Lawn for You

If you want to ensure your lawn is free of leaf piles without burning them, your best course of action is to hire professionals to clean them up for you. When you do, skilled pros will make short work of the leaves, removing them from your yard using the correct equipment and hauling them away, typically with vacuum trucks. That way, you don't have to lift a finger or risk the dangers that come with burning them, and you can boast a leaf-free property!

Depending on the size of your property in Plano, TX, leaves can be removed by raking or blowing them onto a tarp.

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