Cockroaches are - arguably - the most disgusting insect that can find their way into your home. Unfortunately, roaches are no strangers to homeowners in Texas, and they're relentless in their pursuit of food, taking any opportunity to get even a morsel. If you're noticing roaches inside your home, maintaining a clean household is extremely important; you should wash your dirty dishes right away, keep your counters and floors clean, and seal your food in containers. Reducing the reasons for them to come searching in your home for food is a great preventative measure, but you should also schedule an interior pest control service to eliminate the existing population. When you sign up, professionals will inspect your home and apply an effective pesticide that will eradicate the roach population in your home; after professionals have treated your home, you'll be able to rest easy knowing that you won't be surprised by unwanted visitors anymore!

Wash Your Dirty Dishes Right Away

Cockroach found crawling on dirty countertop in Murphy, TX.

If a crumb of food is a meal for a cockroach, they'll see the dirty dishes in your sink as a buffet. The leftover food on dirty dishes emits an enticing odor that advertises a potential food source, which attracts roaches into your home. Because of this, you should wash your dirty dishes right away to eliminate one potential food source for these pests.

Keep Your Counters & Floors Clean

Cockroaches are opportunistic insects and are not picky when it comes to food. They'll take what they can get, and you want to minimize the opportunities for roaches to find food in your home. By keeping your counters and floors clean of crumbs or spills, cockroaches won't have much reason to keep sticking around.

Seal up Your Food in Containers

As the saying goes, if there's a will, there's a way - cockroaches live by this. Roaches can get into tiny places, including cereal boxes, snack bags, and anything else that isn't sealed tightly. However, if you keep any food that's not in the fridge/freezer sealed up in containers, you can take away a food source from them and they may move on from your home in search of easier meals.

You should keep pet food in a sealed container, as it can attract cockroaches when left unopened or on the floor.

Schedule an Interior Pest Control Service

Interior pest control being applied to home in Sachse, TX.

While maintaining a clean household is a great preventative measure against cockroaches, it doesn't guarantee that all the roaches already inside will leave. Fortunately, peace of mind is within reach, you just need to schedule interior pest control treatments! When you schedule an interior pest control service, professionals will come and inspect your home, searching for areas of concern and high insect activity. Then, they'll apply an effective pesticide to those areas, along with other places insects tend to gather, like baseboards, underneath your kitchen sink, and under kitchen appliances. These treatments will eradicate the roach population while also preventing new ones from entering.

Sign up for our interior pest control service to eliminate the roach population in your home!

Give the cockroaches inside your home their eviction letter - with our interior pest control treatments! At CitiTurf, we'll apply our pesticide to the interior of your home, effectively eradicating the roach population. All our pest control experts are licensed and trained, and you can trust that they'll exceed your expectations and give you peace of mind knowing your inside living space is roach-free.

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