One of the worst enemies of your lawn is grubs. These pests are the larvae form of beetles and they emerge during the summer season in Texas to feed on the roots of your grass. As you can imagine, this causes a lot of damage to your lawn. Like many other things in life, the best offense is defense. A good and reliable defense against grubs is a preventative treatment, which targets beetle eggs and newly hatched grubs, preventing them from becoming an issue in the first place.

It is important to time a preventative treatment correctly. To be effective, it must be applied in late spring or early summer. If you miss this time slot, you'll have to resort to a curative treatment to combat active grubs.

The Life Cycle of Grubs & How They Damage Your Lawn

Lawn pulling like carpet from grub infestation in Murphy, TX.

Grubs are the larvae form of beetles. They start their life cycle as eggs that hatch into white, C-shaped grubs in the summer. Once they hatch, they will damage your lawn by feeding on the roots of your grass and detaching it from the soil. Because the roots are no longer able to deliver nutrients to the grass blades, brown patches will start to appear.

In the winter, these white grubs will burrow deep in the ground and transform as pupae in the spring. They will remain like this until around late spring to early summer when they emerge as adult beetles, only to mate and lay eggs and continue the cycle.

If you can pull up your grass like a carpet, it is likely that you are dealing with a grub infestation.

How Preventative Grub Control Protects Your Lawn From Grubs

Scheduling preventative grub control is like getting insurance for your lawn! If you apply this treatment to your lawn at the right time, the active ingredient will target grub eggs and newly-hatched larvae. It will only be effective on grubs in their early stages of life, so the timing is crucial. In Texas, you'll want to schedule this treatment for late spring or early summer. This way, you'll catch the grubs before they hatch and begin growing by feeding on your roots.

If you miss the window for preventative grub control, curative treatments can save the day.

Professional spraying grub control treatment to lawn in Wylie, TX.

Without preventative grub control, your lawn is susceptible to becoming the dinner of grubs. If you missed the window for preventative treatments, you'll have to keep your eyes out for any signs of a grub infestation. If you do notice that grubs have made their way to your lawn, you can schedule a curative treatment.

Curative treatments focus on targeting the grubs that are actively feeding the roots of your lawn and eliminating ongoing grub infestations. However, you should note that curative treatments won't undo any damage that grubs have already inflicted on your lawn. They can only stop grubs in their tracks, which is why we recommend preventative grub control so these lawn pests don't ever become an issue.

If you want to restore the health and appearance of your damaged lawn, lawn care services such as lawn fertilization and aeration can do the job.

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