Landscaping and lawn care should be fun, shouldn’t they? After all, we invest in homes and gardens to enjoy them, not only exhaust ourselves by working on them. Say you want to spice up your lawn, back yard, or garden this summer in a fun, quirky way. What do you do? Remove trees or transplant plants? Build new retaining walls? All these do revamp the looks of your property, sure, but where is the entertainment? Our lawn care Murphy TX specialists have another idea: why don’t you recycle some items you were about to throw away anyway and turn them into original, intriguing, and interesting landscaping DIY projects?

Old Tires, New Flower Beds

Used tires are considered a complete waste and you surely want to get rid of them from your garage now that you decided to clean up. But why don’t you take some time – with the kids even – and paint those tires in whimsical, bright, awesome summer colors? Fill them up with fresh soil and add flowers and ornamental grasses to them! Now you have amazing new flower beds and planters and guess what, they are stackable, so you can actually build a new vertical small garden with their help to create a focal point in the back yard or separate two areas of your property!

How about Them Chairs?

Do you have a couple of old chairs you plan to get rid of? Don’t! While we are all for revamping your interior design with new furniture, throwing away the old one is not such a great idea. Keep a few old broken chairs and repaint them in a bright color that matches your overall landscape design. Use them as flower pots holders that look amazing and charming in their rustic vintage way. These chairs may not be sturdy enough to sit on them, but use them as pot holders and have some fun in the process!

Boots on the Wall

If you have some colored rain boots pairs the kids or you grew out of, don’t throw them away! Hang them on a garden wall or fence and fill them up with fresh soil to create unique hanging pots for flowers or scented herbs. This amazing simple idea can work well if you have a fence you don’t like much or a limited enough space to make you consider vertical hanging gardens. Imagine the focal point you just created and the conversation starter you will have next time you entertain guests!

Old Car Hub Caps or How to Border with Style

The second you lose a car hub cap you instantly go buy four new different ones for the sake of looks and symmetry. But what do you do with the old remaining three? Why don’t you turn them into lawn borders? Now that is new! Half burry the silver plastic discs in the ground vertically (at the same height) and slightly overlapped to create an amazing industrial style lawn border. They work great with large plants behind them.

For more quirky ideas, talk to your lawn care Murphy TX specialists and have some fun this summer!