Fall is an amazing season to make the best out of your trees. They spoil you with their bright and bold foliage colors, fruits, scents, shade, and aesthetic value. However, when it comes to caring for your trees in early fall, one of the most important tasks to keep in mind is trees’ pest control. This time of year, you need to keep your eyes open and identify the slightest insect activity on your property. While you can quickly figure out that something is attacking your lawn or garden, when it comes to trees, you may learn about a pest infestation only when it is too late. Today, our pest control Murphy TX pros are here to share some tips with you to keep pests away from your trees (and entire property) all season long.

Do not Encourage Pests to take over the Trees

Pests are everywhere, and some vegetation and tree species are more vulnerable to insects than others are. It is the cycle of life, after all, and every season comes with its own fair share of challenges. However, while everybody accepts that tree foliage can fall victim to webworms and borers, for instance, it is reasonable to make everything possible to keep such invaders at a minimum. You should not entertain pests under any circumstance, and this is how you can prevent attacks or lower the damage risks:

  • In fall, your trees are more vulnerable to weather changes; you should thus avoid stressing them even more by causing them mechanical damage. Make sure you do not tear or chip their bark, allow children to climb them, pinch the bark or roots with heavy lawn and gardening machinery and so on. Damaged trees are vulnerable trees and pests (and diseases) will attack them first.
  • Do not overwater the trees; we know that trees need water, but over-watering is just as dangerous as under-watering. Our pest control Murphy TX specialists say that overwatered trees are more vulnerable to pests – as humid roots and canopies attract pests like a magnet. If you want to water your landscape trees properly, make sure your landscaping Murphy TX specialists give you a hand with the task.
  • Do not prune and trim your trees excessively; seasoned gardeners and tree growers know how to care for their trees to promote growth, not pests. However, you should remember that excessive cuts and physical damages could increase the risk of a pest attack as the tree suffers from physical damage.
  • Do not forget about mulching; a fresh layer of mulch you install correctly (following the 3-3-3 rule) keeps your landscape trees safe from pests and diseases, and also moist, cool, nourished, and safe.
  • Apply systemic pest treatments only with the help of pros: our pest control Murphy TX specialists agree that systemic tree pest treatments are a common practice to protect your trees from the inside all cold season long and keep them safe from next spring pests as well. However, you should perform such activity only with the help of pest control professionals, as you might damage the trees beyond recovery.

Before engaging in early fall pest management for your trees and other types of vegetation, make sure you have a chat with your local pest control Murphy TX team. They are the most capable of offering you sound advice and implement insect programs to keep your property safe and healthy.