Despite a popular myth, winter is the best season to prune trees and shrubs in Texas, mainly if your landscape consists mostly of trees and shrubs that do not bloom very early in the spring. Our specialists in lawn care in Frisco TX are here today to offer you some advice on how and why you should prep your shrubs, hedges, and trees for glorious blooming next spring.

When is the Best Season to Prune Trees and Shrubs in Texas?

If you mostly grow native Texan trees and shrubs on your property, you should know that the best months to start trimming them are December and January. While most deciduous Texan trees fare excellently when pruned in February, you should consider some extreme weather phenomena, which may damage even the strongest freshly cut trees.

  • You should prune Texas trees and shrubs that are either non-blooming or summer-blooming late in winter if the weather allows;
  • You should focus on trees and shrubs that bloom in early spring only after they bloomed in full, but as early in the season as possible;
  • Your majestic oaks need pruning and trimming just from July to January. They need a little bit more care, so for them, it is better to ask for our lawn care service in Frisco TX: our specialists will assess the situation and decide for the best course of action.

In short, take advantage of the weather and plan your upcoming shrub and tree trimming activity.

How to Prune Your Trees and Shrubs in Winter: Advice from our Pros in Lawn Care in Frisco TX

Let’s keep things as simple as possible! Next, we will offer you a short guide on how to prune your trees in winter without stress or collateral landscape damages.

  • Pick a warm, dry, mild day for this activity;
  • The best line of action is to start with the dead and diseased branches; since most trees and shrubs lose their foliage, now you can see best what twigs and branches to remove, how to reshape the growth pattern, and what other treatments your deciduous vegetation needs to resist winter better;
  • Once you removed the problematic branches, move next to smaller twigs and growths that might prevent air and sunlight to reach properly;
  • Make the cuts at the branches’ nodes and make sure you properly clean the yard once you finish the job – never leave dead/diseased vegetal leftovers on the ground in winter, as such piles entertain pathogens and pests.
  • Keep in mind that you should take advantage of vegetation dormancy in winter to prep the deciduous plants for plentiful blooming next season – winter cuts heal well without stressing the trees and shrubs.

Ask for Proper Help from your Lawn Care Service Providers

As we said, tall and majestic oaks are hard to manage by yourself – as well as many other trees are. In case you have doubts about your pruning skills or you are afraid of accidents, always rely on your team of pros in lawn care in Frisco TX to give you a hand. Besides having the knowledge, the expertise, and the proper equipment to help you with this task, our specialists are also always ready to share with you their best recommendations.