With proper lawn care and maintenance, you can maintain a healthy lawn in Texas all year long! While you may not think that you need to do much to your lawn during the winter season because your grass is dormant, that's not true! You will still need to continue to water it throughout the winter. Watering your lawn during the winter will help it stay hydrated and allow the roots to absorb nutrients more effectively, which helps it emerge healthy in the spring. You should also avoid scalping your lawn in the fall or in the middle of winter, as this removes the top layer of grass that acts as an insulator. By following these tips, you can help your lawn emerge nice and healthy in the spring!

You should be watering your lawn on a regular basis during the winter.

A healthy lawn in Plano, TX, being watered by an irrigation system.

Your lawn requires regular watering throughout the year to maintain its good health. This does not exclude the winter! Although you may not need to water it as much, watering your lawn during the winter is important to keep the soil moist and hydrated. The grass is brown and in a state of dormancy, but the root system is still alive. During the winter, the roots are actively absorbing nutrients needed to give your lawn a green boost in the spring after emerging from dormancy.

If you don't water it during the winter, cracks can form in the soil. If there are any minor cracks, the cold can settle into them, damaging exposed roots and ultimately harming your lawn. It's also very important to water your lawn 24 to 48 hours before an extreme cold weather event arises. Otherwise, snow and ice could sink down into the soil through any cracks and cause damage to the roots.

Watering should be done every two weeks throughout the year to keep your lawn hydrated and ensure any application products, such as fertilizer or weed control, are pushed to the roots.

Don't scalp your lawn in the fall or in the middle of the winter.

Scalping your lawn presents benefits when done at the correct times. However, you want to avoid scalping your lawn in the fall or in the middle of winter as it can cause more damage than good. To prepare for the cold, your lawn will need an appropriate layer of grass to help keep it insulated. Scalping removes more than one-third of the grass blades, removing the insulation and leaving your lawn exposed to harsh winter conditions. So, avoid scalping your lawn during these times to ensure it has the insulation layer it needs to make it through the colder times of the year!

Take advantage of our services to help your lawn thrive throughout the year, even during winter.

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