Weeds like dandelions, clover, and thistle are incredibly common here in Texas. These weeds are not only unsightly, but can also steal sunlight, water, and nutrients from your grass. Pre-emergent weed control is a great way to combat these weeds before they even start to grow. These treatments work by creating a protective barrier in your soil that prevents weed growth. The most important time of the year to apply these treatments is in the spring, but applying them throughout the year ensures the best results. If you notice any weeds breaking through your pre-emergent weed control, you should move on to post-emergent treatments.

How does pre-emergent weed control work?

Pre-emergent herbicides are a form of chemical weed control designed to prevent germinated weed seedlings from breaking through the surface of the soil. These treatments work by forming a protective barrier in your soil containing chemicals meant to inhibit weed growth. As weed seedlings start to germinate, they will grow towards the layer of soil that contains these chemicals. Once the weeds hit the barrier of herbicide, they will stop growing and the weed will die before it even gets the chance to break through the surface of your lawn. So, with pre-emergent weed control, you never even have to see any weeds pop up in your yard because these treatments kill weeds at the source.

When should you apply pre-emergent weed control?

Professional applying weed control treatment to lawn in Murphy, TX.

Timing is important when it comes to pre-emergent weed control treatments. The best time of year to apply pre-emergent weed control is in the early spring; this is because weeds will start growing towards the end of the spring season when your soil temperatures reach around 58 degrees Fahrenheit. Because of how pre-emergent weed control works, the goal when deciding when to use it is to apply the treatments before the weeds have a chance to germinate. If you apply these treatments in the early spring, they will have time to form the protective herbicidal barrier prior to weed germination.

While the early spring is the ideal time of year to apply pre-emergent weed control treatments, applying them at other times throughout the year as well can help to produce the best results.

Pre-emergent weed control is much more effective when it has been watered into your lawn following application.

If you notice any weeds breaking through, try post-emergent weed control.

Weed sprouting from the ground in Allen, TX.

Pre-emergent weed control treatments are an excellent way to prevent new weeds from emerging on your lawn. However, these treatments are not always 100% effective. Whether the treatments were applied too late or the herbicide didn't properly absorb into your soil, there's always a chance that it won't be successful. If you notice any new weeds popping up on your lawn even after you've applied pre-emergent weed control, don't panic; the best thing to do is to give post-emergent weed control treatments a try. These treatments are designed to target weeds after they've already germinated and will help you gain control over any weeds that may have broken through your pre-emergent treatments.

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