After a chilly winter in Texas, your lawn will sorely need some TLC in the spring, and core aeration can help your lawn bounce back in more ways than one! Core aeration will reduce soil compaction in your lawn and create new channels in the soil that sunlight, water, and nutrients can use to reach the deep roots of your grass. These channels allow for increased fertilizer uptake since the fertilizer can fall in the holes and be delivered straight to the roots of your grass! All these factors result in stronger grass, arming it with the tools it needs to fend off lawn diseases and other health threats. In the long run, you'll thank yourself for scheduling a core aeration service once you see how beautiful and lush your lawn can become!

Core aeration combats soil compaction and allows nutrients to reach the roots of your grass.

Aerated lawn with holes plugged out in Plano, TX.

Over time, the soil beneath your grass can become compacted and dense from things like foot traffic or heavy machinery traveling over it. Compacted soil makes it extremely difficult for nutrients to travel through and reach the roots of your grass. Core aeration directly combats this by creating tons of tiny holes that loosen up the soil and give your grass room to breathe. These holes create new channels in the soil that resources like sunlight, water, oxygen, and nutrients can use to reach the deepest roots of your grass. That's where all the magic happens! With the improved access to these resources, your grass will be able to soak in every bit it has access to and put that towards healthy growth and root development for a stronger lawn overall this spring.

Aerating your lawn will help increase fertilizer uptake, resulting in healthier grass!

Fertilizing a lawn with compacted soil can feel a bit like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole since the nutrients will have such a difficult time reaching the roots of your grass. However, once core aeration has made holes in your lawn that resources can use to access the roots, the result is boosted effectiveness for fertilization treatments! Fertilizers containing precious nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium can fall straight in the channels and be delivered directly to the roots of your grass. This results in increased fertilizer uptake with better nutrient absorption, creating lush, healthy grass for your lawn!

Overseeding is great to pair with core aeration since the seeds will have impeccable soil contact and great nutrient access for germination.

Strong, healthy grass can fend off health threats like disease and insect infestation.

Luscious green growing grass in Allen, TX.

With grass that has better access to nutrients, water, airflow, and sunlight, your lawn will start to flourish. Rather than struggling to find the nutrients it needs to grow strong, it'll have them readily available – and that means fewer headaches for you down the line! Healthy lawns are armed with the tools and strength they need to protect themselves against threats to their health, whether in the form of lawn disease, insect infestation, or even just stress from environmental factors. After aerating your lawn, it'll be able to fend off those threats and bounce back, more resilient than ever!

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