With grub season fast approaching, it's important to know the early signs of an infestation so that you can protect your lawn. Grubs are a common lawn insect here in Texas, and if they infest your lawn, they can cause serious damage to it if it's not dealt with in a timely manner. The signs of an infestation include a thinning lawn, an increased animal presence on your lawn, and spongy grass that pulls up like a carpet. If you see these signs, it's best to schedule a curative grub control treatment to deal with the infestation. To avoid the issue next year, you should schedule a preventative treatment.

Signs Your Lawn May Have a Grub Infestation

Grub damage in Allen, TX.

Grubs are Japanese beetles that have not matured and they live underneath the ground. These lawn insects love to feast on the roots of grass and they can cause significant damage to your lawn if they are left unchecked. While these insects are tiny and not always easy to spot, there are some signs to look out for that may indicate that your lawn is infested with grubs. These signs include:

  • Patches of brown grass - As grubs much on your lawn, they will leave patches of brown grass in their wake. If you see random patches of brown grass popping up, you might be dealing with a grub infestation.
  • An increased animal presence on your lawn - If you notice animals like birds and raccoons on your lawn, there is a chance that they could be there to feast on grubs.
  • Spongy grass that pulls up like a carpet - As grubs eat the roots of your grass, your grass can become detached from the soil. If your grass feels spongy when you walk on it or pulls up like a carpet, you likely have a grub problem on your hands.

What should you do if your lawn has a grub infestation?

If you spot a grub infestation on your lawn, you'll want to schedule a curative grub control service right away before they cause too much damage to your lawn. A professional will be able to confirm if your lawn is infested with grubs. If in fact your lawn is infested with grubs, they can administer a curative treatment to get rid of them. While this treatment won't be able to reverse any damage that the grubs have already caused, it will prevent them from causing any additional damage.

You can help nurse your lawn back to health after a grub infestation by schedule lawn care treatments like fertilization and aeration.

Protect Your Lawn From Future Grub Infestations With Preventative Grub Control

Professional applying grub control treatment to lawn in Wylie, TX.

If your lawn was infested with a grub infestation this year, there is a good chance that they will be back next year, too! To protect your lawn from future grub control infestations, you should schedule a preventative grub control treatment next year. This type of treatment works its way into the soil and eliminates grubs before they have a chance to start causing any damage. For this treatment to be effective, it needs to be applied early in the season, usually in May or early June because it's only effective against grub eggs or grubs that have just hatched.

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