Emerald ash borers (EAB) pose a significant threat to trees in Texas. These invasive insects are devastating to ash trees, tunneling beneath the bark and disrupting nutrient flow, ultimately leading to tree death. Their rapid spread is a major concern, as EAB infestations can decimate entire ash tree populations, impacting ecosystems and property values. If you suspect an EAB infestation on your property, immediate action is crucial. Hiring a professional is essential, as they can administer curative treatments to halt the infestation's progression and safeguard your ash trees. However, by investing in preventative treatments, you can prevent these pests from ever becoming a problem in the first place.

What are emerald ash borers and what damage can they cause?

Emerald ash borers (EAB) are tiny but mighty pests that pose a significant threat to ash trees across the United States. These invasive insects are highly destructive, targeting both stressed and healthy ash trees. Once they infest a tree, they can cause extensive damage.

EABs are incredibly aggressive, and within just two or three years of infestation, they can lead to the demise of an ash tree. Their damage can manifest in various ways, including dead branches near the tree's top, splitting bark, and conspicuous D-shaped exit holes where adult borers emerge.

An increase in woodpecker activity in and around ash trees may signal an EAB infestation as woodpeckers are known to prey on these insects.

Why are emerald ash borers such a big concern?

Emerald ash borers are a massive concern because they are invasive pests with a voracious appetite for all native species of ash trees in the United States. Originally from Asia, these beetles didn't exist in North America until their discovery in southeast Michigan in 2002. It's believed that they arrived hidden in wood packing materials shipped from Asia. Since then, they've spread rapidly to 35 states, including Texas.

What makes EAB particularly worrisome is that they don't discriminate between weak or healthy ash trees. All 16 native ash species are susceptible to their attack. Trees often do not show visible signs of infestation for the first 1 to 2 years, making it challenging to detect early on.

Moreover, the spread of EAB is facilitated by the transportation of firewood across state lines, making it even easier for these pests to infest new areas. With their ability to reproduce rapidly and their ability to attack a wide range of ash trees, EABs are a formidable threat to our forests and urban landscapes.

What should you do if you’re dealing with an emerald ash borer infestation?

When it comes to dealing with the emerald ash borer, prevention is the key to safeguarding your ash trees. By the time you notice signs of infestation, the damage may already be extensive, making curative treatments less effective.

To protect your ash trees, consider scheduling preventative treatments. These treatments can provide protection for up to two years, so maintaining a consistent schedule is crucial to ensure your trees remain shielded from these harmful insects. Preventative treatments are typically administered through trunk injections, which are a safe and effective way to deliver the treatment directly into the tree.

Hiring a professional who specializes in pest control is strongly recommended when dealing with EABs. They have the expertise to identify the signs of infestation and can tailor treatments to your specific needs. Regular inspections and treatments can help keep your ash trees healthy and beautiful, allowing you to enjoy their shade and beauty for years to come.

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