When you live in Texas, a few things become universal truths you just have to learn to live with: summer is all about pests; it takes only a cup of water left in the yard to generate a mosquito infestation on your property; not spending time outside in your own garden because of the mosquitoes is not an option. So what do you do? We have talked a while ago about keeping mosquitoes off premises but today we will talk about how not entertaining and breeding them unknowingly. Our pest control McKinney TX specialists are here to tell you how to treat mosquitoes so bad, they will start avoiding your property.

Mosquitoes and Water – A Never-Ending Love Affair

It can take only 10 days for some mosquito species to turn into blood craving adults from freshly laid eggs. Some mosquito species are also very active during the day. Some mosquito species need just a cup of water to breed exponentially. If you think they all live in Texas, you are not far from the truth. It is completely worth it to prevent mosquito infestations by regularly inspecting your property and making sure you don’t favor their breeding. Here are some things you should do:

  • Look for standing water sources as small as a cup: half full glasses or bottles left outside after last night’s dinner or party; soda and other aluminum cans; children’s outside toys (wading pools are the worst so you need to empty and store them properly when not in use); buckets filled with rain water if any.
  • Ponds without fish or aquatic life / bird life: you can either drain the water source or introduce mosquitoes-predating fish.
  • Swimming pools: talk to your pest control McKinney TX specialists and ask them about mosquitoes control on standing water which cannot be drained; they will probably recommend pool ingredients that are safe to swim in but kill mosquito larvae;
  • Also, clean your pool regularly and professionally; have a pool cleaning team making sure your poolside fun doesn’t turn into a constant war against mosquitoes.
  • Border your ponds, swimming pool or other garden and landscape water features with mosquitoes repelling plants and scented herbs: rosemary, mint, tansy and basil among others.
  • Clean your gutters regularly: unclean, clotted gutters that don’t drain properly are some of the best breeding sites for mosquitoes; standing rain or irrigation water together with accumulated leaves or debris in the gutters mean surefire ways to entertain mosquitoes on your property.
  • Use foggers or pump-up sprayers to spray insecticides under the foliage of tall perennials, shrubs, or bushes as these are the places where mosquitoes hide during hot summer days.
  • Don’t leave your landscape irrigation system work over night; the water, the lower temp, and the darkness represent safe havens for mosquitoes breeding.

Talk to your local pest control McKinney TX experts about keeping mosquitoes off your property. In case you need to use insecticides, let them take care of things in a professional manner.