Many different species of ants can be found in northern Texas, and they can be difficult to fully eliminate once they've entered your home. However, there are two methods of eliminating ants from your household that, when combined, are very effective. One effective method for dealing with ants is using bait. This method involves placing bait that is attractive to ants near ant trails. The ants will take the bait back to their colony, where it will be shared with other ants. The second method is spraying insecticide directly on the ants. This method is great for removing ants on the spot and can be especially useful for targeting ants in specific areas. Continue reading to learn more about these two effective methods for controlling ants in your home.

Baits will attract ants and eliminate their colony from the inside out.

Ants that have made it inside a home in Plano, TX.

When you observe ants inside your home, it is a strong indication that they have likely established a colony somewhere within your living space. An effective way to address this issue is by using ant bait. Ant bait allows you to target the colony from within without the need to physically locate it. Ant bait is specifically designed to attract ants, enticing them to transport the bait back to their colony. Once the bait is taken back, it is shared among the other ants, including the queen, eliminating them. Using this method to target ants in your home can increase your chances of success, especially if the colony is well-hidden.

Ant spray is an effective solution for promptly dealing with ants or targeting known ant infestation sites.

Ant spray can be incredibly effective for quickly eliminating ants when used strategically. However, it's crucial to understand the difference between the two types of ant sprays: non-repellent and repellent. Most stores stock repellent sprays, which can eliminate ants rapidly but have a residual effect that deters more ants, making them harder to locate. Therefore, choosing a non-repellent spray is essential for achieving maximum effectiveness in eliminating ants inside your home.

Non-repellent sprays are designed to function by using active ingredients that ants cannot detect. When ants come into contact with the non-repellent spray, they are not immediately aware of the exposure. This delayed reaction is crucial because it allows the ants to carry the active ingredients back to their colony, where they can unknowingly spread it to other ants.

Make sure to use non-repellent ant sprays to more effectively eliminate an ant infestation inside of your home.

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