Weeds can be a real problem as they can drag down the curb appeal of your property and steal essential nutrients and other resources from your grass and plants. However, if you're more familiar with the weeds in your area, you'll be able to spot them quickly and administer weed control treatments to get rid of them before they take over your lawn. Here in Texas, weeds can cause problems throughout the year, but the summer season is especially bad. Four summer weeds that you'll want to be on the lookout for here in Texas include dayflower weed, quackgrass, bittercress, and chickweed. Continue reading to learn more about these weeds so you'll be able to identify them and get rid of them if they happen to invade your property.

1. Dayflower Weed

Dayflower weeds are, arguably, one of the more attractive weeds that nature has to offer. As a native of eastern Asia, it is commonly mistaken for a grass weed. For only a single day, it blooms a blue flower with two blue petals and one white petal. Although it's fast-growing and can be an annoying weed for some, others use it as an ornamental. Its stem and leaves are thick, but they are not big. They spread via seeds, and bloom between May and October. Dayflowers thrive in moist, fertile soil and are found in spots such as gardens and crop fields.

2. Quackgrass

Quackgrass weed growing throughout lawn in Wylie, TX.

Quackgrass is a cool-season perennial, and a very persistent, widespread weed. If not treated immediately, it can get out of hand fast. It can grow up to about 3 feet high and spreads rapidly through rhizomes--horizontally growing roots that make this particular weed difficult to control. Although native to Europe, it is found across the United States and is frequently spotted in lawns in Texas.

3. Bittercress

Bittercress weeds growing throughout lawn in Murphy, TX.

Bittercress is a summer or winter annual weed, depending on where it's located, and is another persistent weed that needs to be taken care of quickly. Thriving in moist soil, it's known to produce seeds rapidly and, when ready, can explode its seeds up to 16 feet away. This weed can produce thousands of seeds, which spells bad news for your property. These weeds can be found in garden beds or on unkempt lawns.

4. Chickweed

Chickweeds growing in lawn in Plano, TX.

Chickweed can be a very difficult weed to get rid of as it can adapt to many environmental conditions. Its leaves are ovular in shape, smooth, and set opposite of each other. It creates patches, making it rather easy to spot. Though an annoying weed for gardens and lawns, it is edible and is commonly added to salads for its grass-like, though mildly floral, taste.

Chickweed thrives in soil that is high in nitrogen and will grow well in alkaline, compacted soil.

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