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Parker, TX Lawn Care Services

Our professional lawn care services will help maintain the stellar condition of your lawn in Parker, TX.

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Our lawn care services are available to residential properties in Parker, TX.

We provide top-of-the-line lawn care services to help you get a beautiful and healthy lawn.

Parker, TX is a beautiful city that is located in Collin County. This city is known for its country lifestyle and there are many farms located here. While residents here love the small-town feel of this city, they also appreciate that they are just a short drive away from bigger cities like Lucas, Plano, and Allen.

Here at CitiTurf, we're happy to provide top-of-the-line lawn care services for residential properties in Parker, TX. Our services include lawn fertilization, weed control, aeration, and more.

Lawn Fertilization

We will fertilize your lawn multiple times throughout the year.

Our team offers a lawn fertilization program to nurture your grass and help it reach its maximum potential. When you sign up for this program, we will visit your property multiple times throughout the year to fertilize your lawn so that your turf has all the nutrients it needs to thrive throughout the year.

The lawn fertilizers we provide your grass contain nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. These much-needed nutrients bolster the health of your grass, help promote stronger roots, and allow your lawn to develop its stunning green color. The proportion of these nutrients will vary depending on the time of the year. With our familiarity with the intricate needs of lawns in Parker, TX, we will ensure your grass receives the right amount of each nutrient so that your lawn will flourish.

We utilize both granular and liquid lawn fertilizers.

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Weed Control

Our pre- and post-emergent weed control treatments keep weeds at bay.

Simply put, weeds have no place on your lawn. They steal nutrients from your grass, compete for space on your property, and make your lawn look messy. Here at CitiTurf, we provide top-quality weed control treatments to keep weeds at bay and protect your grass from the threat of invasive weeds. To ensure your lawn is never without protection from weeds, we will visit your property in Parker multiple times throughout the year to apply our treatments!

Our team uses pre-emergent weed control treatments to create a protective barrier on the ground that prevents weeds from emerging on your lawn. We also use post-emergent treatments to tackle any existing weeds on your lawn. Our weed control treatments are effective against a variety of weeds, including:

  • Nutsedge
  • Quackgrass
  • Bittercress
  • Pigweed
  • Spurge
  • Chickweed
  • Purslane
  • Asterweed
  • Creeping Charlie
  • Dayflower weeds
  • Annual ryegrass
  • Crowfoot grass

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Our core aeration service will address soil compaction to help your grass absorb more nutrients.

If your lawn is not living up to your expectations despite giving it all the tools it needs to flourish, the problem might lie with the soil. Compacted soil can prevent the roots of your grass from absorbing the nutrients that it needs, and it's an issue many property owners in Parker, TX have dealt with. That's where our core aeration service comes in. This service will loosen compacted soil on your property to make it easier for nutrients and other resources to reach the roots of your grass. We offer our core aeration service in the spring and fall.

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Lawn Insect Control

We provide effective treatments to protect your lawn from extensive damage caused by lawn insects.

Lawn insects can cause significant damage to your lawn, and they can be a big problem here in the Parker, TX area. Our team is equipped with effective lawn insect control treatments to handle insect infestations and stop damage-causing lawn insects in their tracks. Since 2005, we've dealt with many infestations and have helped homeowners in Parker defend their lawns from pesky lawn insects, such as chinch bugs, armyworms, and Bermuda mites.

We also offer a grub control service. These pests can destroy your turf by munching on the roots of your grass, leaving it unattached to the soil! Our preventative treatments are a proactive way to combat grubs, targeting them before they have a chance to cause any damage to your lawn. If you miss the window for preventative grub control, you can rely on our curative treatments to eliminate ongoing grub infestations!

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Lawn Disease Control

Keep your lawn free of disease to maintain its robust and vibrant growth.

Patches of dead grass, discoloration on grass blades, stunted growth; all these signs point to a lawn disease! We provide curative treatments that effectively target common lawn diseases in the Parker, TX area, such as brown patch, gray leaf spot, dollar spot, and take-all root rot. These lawn diseases can appear at different times of the year, but our lawn care experts are familiar with them all and when they are likely to strike your grass. If you suspect your grass has fallen victim to a turf disease, it's best to immediately call our team. We will come right out to apply our treatments to eliminate the disease so it can't cause any further damage to your lawn.

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Tree & Shrub Care

Our tree and shrub care services help your plants grow lush and vibrant.

We offer a tree and shrub care fertilization program to keep your plants growing nice and strong. Our team will apply the fertilizer through a deep root treatment. This means the roots of your trees and shrubs get first access to the nutrients and will take care of delivering them to the rest of the plant! Your palm trees will also get special care from us! Our palm tree fertilization process varies. For smaller palm trees, we deliver their fertilizer treatments through a deep root application. For larger palm trees, we'll fertilize them through a trunk injection treatment.

As part of our goal to foster lush and vibrant trees and shrubs, our fertilization program includes 2 checkups to monitor the health of your plants and inspect them for any signs of diseases or insects. If we find any, you can rest assured our fungicide and insecticide treatments will take care of them! Check out the common tree and shrub insects we target:

Here are the common tree and shrub diseases we handle:

    We offer iron treatments to address iron chlorosis and provide your trees and shrubs with enough iron supply to develop their beautiful green color.

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    Call us today to schedule any of our lawn care services!

    Our team at CitiTurf offers professional lawn care services to residential properties in Parker, TX. We have 17 years of experience looking after lawns in the area, and you can count on us to have the skills and know-how to perform all of our services to perfection. Give us a call today at 972-516-0001 to schedule any of our lawn care services.

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