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CitiTurf is professional and does a nice job on our yard.

Troy Sheafer

Outstanding customer service and follow-up, superior workmanship and care taken in performing outside services - Great Job CitiTurf I highly recommend your company.

Don Fuller

great customer service. friendly. uses organic products especially for sodding. mowing is very carefully done . no over mow.

Bhuvana Subbu

Best lawn guys I've ever had.

Gayle Schotte

Great company, great service! We are very happy with the results!

Ryon Gross

Excellent customer service, reliable lawn service

Kc Liew

Great service, really prompt and lawn looks great. Direct debit is a great feature as well.

Adam Lane

CitiTurf has always been dependable and has kept my yard looking beautiful for years.

Shonda S

Cititurf is great and inexpensive! They keep my lawn looking and lush and green the longest!

Blake Barrett

I have been a customer for a year now. If rain delays the schedule, they are prompt with informing every customer of the delays. They send receipts through emails for recordkeeping.

Jennifer Chopin

I personally use and I highly recommend CitiTurf for your Sprinkler Repair. They are honest, show-up and they fix it right!

Karrie Johnston

Great experience with Cititurf. If you are in need of lawn care or landscaping I highly recommend them.

Mark Floyd

Always on time and do an excellent job. Any issues I had (maybe once) they came back and did a second treatment.

Rob Broomham

Excellent work, very meticulous, great customer service. You can tell these guys take pride in what the do.

Fernando Davila

I absolutely love these guys! Professional, prompt and they do a fantastic job! I would recommend them to anyone needing lawn/yard work or maintenance.

Paul Colombo

I have used CitiTurf now for about 8 years and I love their service. They always do a great job, prices are very reasonable, and they will work with you on anything you need from mowing or landscaping. Highly recommend their services.

Johnny Russo

Great lawn service. My lawn looks great is more weed free than I ever could get it. They also do my shrubs and all lawn chemicals. Couldn't recommend more. You get what you pay for with this company.

Ernest Quantie

CitiTurf does excellent work for a fair price. My home has never looked so (consistently) good!

Susan Brooks

We have used several lawn services over the years and for lawn maintenance CitiTurf has been our favorite by far. We use their weekly mowing and fertilization/weed control programs. When we moved we were sure to bring them. The one item I'd have to warn people they don't do spring/fall cleanup type work for those who aren't clients.

Doug Smith

Fantastic Fertilization Service, they keep up with the times for the Spring Killing and throughout the year, keeping the lawn free of weeds. Yeee haaawww

Frank Clemens

City Turf took over our yard a couple months ago after I had handled it myself for several years on an all organic program. I just could not get a robust turf in North Texas. My neighbors used CityTurf so I called them up. Grass is green and thick in most areas already and the problem areas are getting under control.

Steve Carlson

CitTurf arrived on time. They did the work I needed. They made some suggestions but did not push it. I was very satisfied with their help.

Charles Hewitt

CitiTurf does a great job. Responsive, accurate, skilled, knowledgeable. I would recommend them with great pleasure.

Dan Bell

I use CitiTurf for two different properties and they do great work. Really fast, they leave no mess behind. I highly recommend using them.

Robert Barretto

I have used CitiTurf for 2 years now and have been extremely pleased with their service and professionalism. They clearly communicate what will be done and when it will be done and if there is a weather delay I am notified that day. They are great when you talk to them on the phone and are prompt with estimates! Affordable, timely and fast should be their motto!

Chase Hammer

On time, professional, and always a pleasure to work with them. They communicate efficiently with emails and phone calls. I have had no issues and enjoy the services they provide without fail each time.

Sarah Acklen

CitiTurf has maintained my home for about five years now. They provide top notch service ... Citi-Turf does it all. They fertilize, trim landscaping in my beds as needed and even provide pest control and irrigation services all for a reasonable price. To top it all off, their office staff is professional and friendly ... I can't recommend them highly enough!

Margaret Richards

I have been using Citi Turf since February of this year (2014) and all I can say is that they do an excellent job. The yard looks great! I could not ask for a better lawn service team.

Chris Jolley

We have been using Citi Turf for over a year. We are very pleased with their service and our lawn. The grass is weed-free and we can always depend on the technicians to keep our grass looking good. We have recommended this company to all of our neighbors.

Amy Gross

... After we committed to using them they have sent a follow-up e-mail before and after every service. With all of the mow, blow and go companies out there this has been a welcome change to work with a company that is professional and true to their word. Thanks Citi Turf... I'm expecting to get "Yard Of The Month" next Spring!

Debe Reid

These guys are great. I called at 330 to see about schedule service that week. By the time I got home at 5 they had already come and cut my grass same day service CITI TURF is awesome. Thank you Citi Turf

Drew Merryman

... If you want a lawn service that does great work, works quickly, is on time, communicates/responds to you as a customer, reasonably priced and provides all of the lawn services you would need choose CitiTurf you will not be disappointed. I could not be any more satisfied with the prices and work provided by CitiTurf.

Michael Carpenter

We have used CitiTurf for our total lawn service for almost 5 years and don't even entertain offers from other providers. They communicate issues (weather is the only one I can think of) and I've never had an issue with an over charge or missed appointment. Their employees are quick and efficient and always do a good job ... I can't see any reason why we'd ever change providers.

Nick Mathis

CitiTurf does a great job. I've had law care service from other providers and find CitiTruf to be the best. We've been with them 3 years now. The staff is professional and very well versed in horticulture. The office staff is very friendly and professional also. Never had any issues. I only talk to them when the credit card expires and its time to provide the new one.

Coty Smith

We just moved to Texas this past year from out of state. Our son recommended Citi Turf and we couldn't be happier. They are very reasonable in their pricing, clean, on time and quick. They leave a progress report about their findings of the lawn. Our lawn couldn't look better. We are very happy and will continue using the service.

Beth Hampel

My yard has never looked better ... The yard work that I had hired was very subpar. I found Cititurf online and have never looked back. From getting the sprinklers to run right and getting the right applications on the lawn to the mowing it has been a great experience. Our lawn has mostly recovered. Next year it should be outstanding. Highly recommend!

Bill Nicoson

We have been using CitiTurf for just over 2 years ... I liked the [lawn] service so much I added pest control. I fired my existing service that was good but not really listening to our issues. CitiTurf address our concerns and performs the routine treatments as well as tackling the areas of concern. The crew is clean, friendly and helpful for both services.

Michael Shaw

CitiTurf is an excellent landscaping service. They are reasonably priced, do excellent work, and are very professional. We appreciate that they provide more than lawn care and cleanup services. They have adjusted our sprinklers, taken care of our trees, and helped plan our flowerbeds. We are very pleased with CitiTurf’s customer service and highly recommend them.

Marci L.

We have been using CitiTurf for several years for all our irrigation needs. Was so impressed with fixing leaks each year, we hired CitiTurf to advise us and replace all 35+ nozzles with more efficient water saving nozzles! How do you spell H-A-P-P-Y?

Bruce Cross

I have been using CitiTurf for the first time this season and am very happy with their work. Their crews are always uniformed, nice and do excellent work. My yard always looks great right after they mow, and continues to look great until their next visit. Their pricing is very competitive. I highly recommend their services.

Austin Tse

This company's business model is better than any landscaping company with whom I have dealt. They are truly customer focused. By that, I mean that they are easy to communicate with, responsive to requests, proactive when they need to be, provide a wide spectrum of services, deliver consistent value and are not sales driven to get customers to spend more ... Citi Turf is an excellent value!

John W Morgan

CitiTurf is a perfect solution. A quality service at reasonable price is only half of the equation. Long term customer satisfaction is based on consistency of quality and regularity of routine. I know CitiTurf will be here without fail and do a great job every week ... I would definitely recommend your service to others.

Don Tedlock

CitiTurf Rocks and my yard always looks great!

Justin Barron

I've been using their service for the past few years and I've never had any complaints. Lawn looks great.

Ed M

We have used CitiTurf Lawn Care for years. This is the first lawn service I have ever hired that I have no complaints about. Always does a suburb job!!! Thank you!!!

Kimberly Matthews

Cititurf has turned our yard around! We had a battle with weeds so we enlisted their weed and fertilizer treatment program. Over the course of the year, our yard has turned into one of the best yards on the block. Their mowing service keeps our yard looking great.

Blake Nelson

CitiTurf does an outstanding job cutting my lawn. I would highly recommend using thier service. Very affordable.

Steve Minchey

They come every two weeks and do a great job. My wife works at home and watches our two youngest children. She says when she has to speak to them they are polite. Previously the guys doing our yard were "a little creepy" my wife said. Staring a stuff like that. I will continue using this company until we move.

Curtis Nelson

I've been using CitiTurf for lawn fertilization for over 3 years now. Their knowledge, service and value is truly amazing. My lawn used to be covered in weeds -- that is no more. I've also called them for occasional shrub trimming and sprinkler maintenance and have been satisfied at how fast and professional they are...

James Burke

We have been so pleased with Citi Turf. They've done our lawn for years-Trim our trees-clean out our flower beds and plant flowers for us. The workers are very polite and friendly. The office staff helps us when we need it and take care of whatever. Thank you so very much.

Sandra Hammitt

I have been using CitiTurf for a couple of years. I have been very pleased with their service. My yard always looks nice. CitiTurf does an outstanding job communicating when mowing schedules change, or weather causes delays. The CitiTurf staff is very friendly and helpful. I don't think you could ask for a better service provider than CitiTurf.

Carol Cobble

Having our lawn done by CitiTurf was the best thing I did for myself this past year. The service has been beyond great each and every time. Dependable, professional and detail-oriented, with great customer service. Couldn't ask for anything more. Great folks with a great business. Looking forward to next season with CitiTurf.

cathy anderson

A little over a year ago I got a quote within the hour over the phone and have been using them ever since. Easy, automatic billing and reliable. Very fair pricing. Recommended!

Eric Bridges

Love these guys! We have been using CitiTurf for a little over two years now - they always do a great job. Their crews are quick and courteous. The prices for service are fair and in my research competitive.

Tim McCarty

I couldn't advocate CitiTurf more. I started lawn treatments with them about three years ago when my yard was being overrun by weeds. They came out, inspected the yard, and started treatment immediately. After one year, I saw a dramatic reduction in the number of weeds and by the second year... I had the best looking lawn come spring! No regrets ... Best service around!

Damian R. Broccoli

CitiTurf is an outstanding lawn care company. After dealing with two other outfits that couldn't fulfill simple requests, CitiTurf was a welcome change. They not only do a great job on the lawn, but they are great to work with. They are organized, responsive, and dependable. They might be a few bucks more than some others, but it's totally worth it...

Blaine Banta

I've been using Citi Turf for over a year now and they are great! No more WEEDS! The lawn has never looked better!

Michele Baron

Cititurf is always professional and takes care of my needs anytime I call. My yard has never looked so great!

Michelle R Dippel

The work was great the weeding and bed clean-up were fantastic, we have some unusual plants in our gardens and have had trouble with yards services in the past pulling out some plants thinking they were weeds. CitiTurf crews were knowledgeable of the differences and none of the garden plants were pulled only the weeds ... I could not be any more satisfied with CitiTurf.

Michael Carpenter

We have been customers of CitiTurf for at least 5 years and we are incredibly satisfied for some many reasons ... I love that if I spot anything other than grass growing in my yard, CitiTurf is out to save the day! CitiTurf is something that will remain on our budgeted expenses for years to come. They have saved us time, money and the headache of caring for a large lot.

Barbra Benner Ardila

I have been using CitiTurf for many years. We are very pleased with their service and quality. They say what they are going to do and they do it. They are good about communicating when there is a weather related event that will prevent them from meeting their commitment... We intend to be a long term customer with no question.

Jennifer W Knapp

Where CitiTurf shines is their customer service... I've never had a single complaint with any of their services. They take great care in trimming around the garden and not damaging my vegetables, and they never hit any flowers. I couldn't be happier and have recommended them to others. And I'm one of those who is extremely picky on how the work is done...

Kenny Johnson

I’ve been using CitiTurf for lawn maintenance and fertilization/weed control since we moved into our new home two years ago. Our lawn looks fantastic, crews go above and beyond "just mowing." I’ve also been very pleased with their available landscaping and sprinkler repair services. When contacting CitiTurf, I always get a live person on the phone and prompt attention...

Barbara Irvine Levell

I remember when I first hired citi turf to do our lawn care. We had just bought the house and the previous owner did not take care of the lawn at all. It took some time but today my lawn is thick lush and beautiful. No crab grass like my neighbor to the west. They really turned my lawn around ... Who knew how great they really are? I do now!!!!!

James Sinkule

CitiTurf is always on time and if for some reason they can't do our lawn, they send a friendly email explaining why and when they will resume. They do a good job with the lawn maintenance. It looks very professional. They always send a email with a copy of the receipt for the service we've had done... I would recommend them for your lawn care needs.

Cindy M J Johnson

Awesome!!!!! Since 2006 there is not a more solid profession team then crew at CitiTurf. Our lawn is lush! Our trees and shrubs are full! Our flowers are bright! There are NO weeds or grass clipping left behind!!!! We use the full service plan and so should you. Billing is seamless and pricing is best in region. 2 houses and 8 years of 100% satisfaction keeps us on their books every year!

Michael Mitchell

So glad I chose CitiTurf for our lawn service. We have used them for a while now and have found them to be very reliable and detail oriented. Fantastic customer service which is hard to come by these days. I had a special request which was addressed immediately. We are really looking forward to continuing our service with them in the spring. Thanks CitiTurf for all you do!!

Cathy Anderson

The crew shows up weekly like clockwork. The crew is professional, efficient, and respectful of my property. Each time I've called the office to report a problem or place a special request, the staff was friendly, professional, and resolved the issue effectively. I am pleased with the price I pay for the service rendered. No reason to look elsewhere for lawn care service.

William Maloney

CitiTurf is the best lawn care company period. In one short season these guys have been able to turn my weeds into actual grass. The difference is amazing. I shopped around for price and not only are this guys the best priced but they are also the best service and they don't push services that I don't need. If you are looking for the best lawn company CItiTurf is the way to go.

Hector Lujan

HIGHLY Recommended!!! We have used CitiTurf Lawn Care for years. This is the first lawn service I have ever hired that I have no complaints about. Always does a suburb job!!! Everyone I have ever come in contact with from CitiTurf has been courteous, friendly and incredibly helpful. Thank you!!!

Kimberly Matthews

Where do I begin? I have been a CitiTurf customer since time began I have watched them grow into an almost all service company. The staff is top notch! Never been an issue with their work! You have NO worries when letting them take care of things! I highly recommend them! You will NOT be disappointed!

Nancy Parks Arey

Citi turf are very professional and help me with my yard for the past couple of years and have talk to me like I was part of the family they take great care of you and make sure what needs to be done it is done top notch....!! Thank you Citi turf .. I HIGHLY recommend you check them out!

Tracy Wilson

Good company all around, they do what they say they will for a fair price & are very accommodating. Generally they have good attention to detail & clean up well. I would recommend them for any yard work, sprinkler system work, & landscaping. I've used them for all three.

Fred Barnett

Cititurf has turned our yard around! We had a battle with weeds so we enlisted their weed and fertilizer treatment program. Over the course of the year, our yard has turned into one of the best yards on the block. Their mowing service keeps our yard looking great.

Lindsey Nelson

We have used CitiTurf for both our houses we have lived at in Allen. They take care of our weed control and fertilizer. Our lawn always looks great. They communicate great and the service is excellent. I would highly recommend them.

Cathleen D Shellnutt

We began using CitiTurf at the beginning of spring this year. I'm so glad we did. The team is not only quick but our lawn has never looked so good. They are very professional and I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Dik Berberian

CitiTurf has been fantastic. They are always professional and the work is excellent from just mowing to a full Spring clean up. I would highly recommend them to anyone interested in a service you can trust.

Tim Ferguson

Reliable and high quality service. I have used them for several years after a recommendation from my in-laws. They provide both a mowing and a fertilizer/weed control service for me. Highly recommended.

James Demarest

Love Cititurf! Not cheapest arround, but you get what you pay for. Always on time and excellent service. I use to mow, trim shrubs and all lawn treatments. No weeds and great looking grass.

Ernest Quantie

I love CitiTurf!! They've been doing my yard for years now. Reliable, timely and great customer service. I had them do a special clean up in my yard and they way exceeded my expectations.

Jody Wissing

Excellent work and above and beyond customer service. I use them for lawn mowing, weed control and landscaping. Just good old fashioned good prices and great work extremely reliable.

Jim Roszak

They always do a great job and remind me before they come and after they have worked. My yard has seen tremendous improvements with their service the last 2 years. Thank you.

Christopher D Poland

Been using CitiTurf for about 6 years, they are always professional, courteous and leave great feedback on how to improve our yard. THANK YOU ...CitiTurf

Elizabeth Moore

CitiTurf has always been punctual and communicative with my lawn needs. Their staff does a great job every week keeping my lawn looking great.

David Venable

CitiTurf has been mowing my yard for the last several years. They are always prompt, professional, and their service is outstanding!

Jim Campbell

Great services. My only suggestion would be to send reminders of service before the charges are rendered. Thanks for everything!

Jen Mader Taylor

I had one of the worse lawn i the neighborhood till I found out about CitiTurf. Now it's one of the best 🙂

Daniel Tran

Excellent service as always! We are always please with how beautiful our lawn looks! Highly recommend them!

Gina M K Schafer

I've been using the service for several years and have never had any issues. Lawn looks great.

Edward Mueller

Always a good looking lawn when Cititurf is done. Thank you and keep up the good work!

James Clay

Great service! No more pesky crabgreass or weeds and my lawns looks awesome.

Matt Carson

I have only been a CitiTurf customer for a few short months, but their service has been excellent thus far. When I set up the mowing service, my lawn was mowed promptly the following day. When I had to cancel a mowing service due to a vacation, I was able to cancel the service for that week with a simple phone call ... I have been very pleased with CitiTurf.

C Kelly Wilson

Excellent service...highly recommended!

Brent Gray

Great reliable lawn service!

Mark Floyd

The most professional lawn service I've used to date. I look forward to seeing CT so my lawn stands out in the neighborhood!

Scott Murray

We have been using Citi Turf for about a year they not only do a great job on our but they also have great customer service.

Jeanne T Studley

CitiTurf service is excellent. I have had their lawn maintenance for over a year and I am very happy with the company.

Alcie Whittington

Very satisfied customer for several years! Outstanding service in every way . . . that says it all!

Evelio Villarreal

Ive used cityturf for 3 years. Never had a problem. They are timely and convenient. Customer service is friendly and appreciate that they communicate any disruptions in service due to weather etc

Phillip Derby

My yard has never looked better and we've only been using them for about 3 months.

Jeff Cox

Once again, you all have done a fantastic job. Thank you Citi Turf!

Andrew Sprague

I'm new to the area and I searched for a service provider that had a full list of services from the everyday mowing and weed control to full service design, install, and maintain the full yard front and back. With plenty of research, CitiTurf is the one company that showed by doing, they had the skills. All their efforts, are prompt, accurate, and reasonable...

Allen Markel

CitiTurf consistently provides great lawn service and in case of inclement weather or climate changes that would effect scheduling they always clearly communicate with me in email. I could maybe go with someone who will do the job for a lower price, but could never get the customer care and reliable service that CitiTurf excels in.

Troy B

We have been using CitiTurf to maintain our lawn and shrubs over the last several years. Their work has been quality and dependable. CitiTurf also provided a referral to a tree trimming service that did an excellent job...we have used that firm multiple times since. We recommend using CitiTurf, you will not be disappointed.

Larry Calton

I switched to CitiTurf after using another lawn service and finding my yard in horrible shape each week. CitiTurf uses sharp blades and takes care to not cut down plants. I have seen a noticeable improvement in the overall quality of my turf and the yard has never looked better. You cannot go wrong with CitiTurf.

Jeffry Maynard

They work incredibly fast, are fairly priced, and arrive as scheduled. I have used them for both lawn care and tree & shrub service. Would recommend to anyone looking for an affordable, quality landscape service in Collin County.

Josh B

I have been a customer of Citi Turf for over 4 years now. My lawn looks better than ever and they are always keeping me updated with changes or delays so I don't have to wonder. They are also very responsive when I have questions and have always provided be valuable answers.

Bill G

I switched from TruGreen to CitiTurf as a cost saving measure. Not only does my lawn look better, I receive more personal, customized service, and save money on the applications! I am a Realtor and I refer ALL my customers to CitiTurf. They are the best!

Matt Wandersee

When we bought our house, the yard looked great...then the crabgrass started 'blooming' in the warmer months. Our yard looked horrible and the neighbors wouldn't even talk to us. So I called CitiTurf, and for less than $500/year they have completely changed my yard from an infested, ugly crabgrass farm to a beautiful bermuda grass turf. Thanks CitiTurf!

Ryan Newsom

I've had CitiTurf since early 2009. I have engaged them to do everything from trim my shrubs to aerate my lawn and even adjust my sprinklers and prune some trees. All has been done with a professional attitude and no excuses. They just work.

Ed Andrews

Awesome service! This is the first company I've used that actually gives me consistent notice when they are coming so I can make sure my dogs are secure in the house. Detailed notes are left with each service so I know what they have done and what I can do to improve my lawn's health. Response to my questions is very prompt and helpful. I highly recommend CitiTurf!

Lisa Scharf

CitiTurf was recommended to me by a friend. I was tired of taking care of my yard and wanted a service I could count on. I don't regret my decision and I've been a customer with them since early spring 2014. My lawn has never looked better and I haven't had to worry about a thing.

Ryan Williams

I have used CitiTurf for my lawn care for several years and have always been very pleased with their service. They do everything from mowing to fertilizing to shrub trimming and more. They are completely reliable and you can count on them to be there on their scheduled days or to send you an email to let you know if there's a rain delay.

Linda Clary

We have been CitiTurf customers for a few years now and have been thoroughly pleased. We have also referred both friends and family. We use them for lawn services, for shrub trimming, and pest control. They do an excellent job and have very friendly and professional employees. Highly recommended!

Craig Barnett

CitiTurf has been my company of choice for several years. After sampling several other services in the past, it was refreshing to find one that could do all yard work that I needed. I've used them for mowing, hedge and tree trimming, fertilizing the yard and repairing the sprinkler system. I've been pleased with the work and the pricing.

Jay Kinard

Cititurf has very knowledgeable associates and can explain any issues you have with your lawn. They offer many other services that I have not used yet but I imagine are also top notch. Great Company and highly recommend!

Chris Jones

It has been great working with these guys! Everyone I have talked to is knowledgeable and our yard is looking better than ever! Tried them after a bad experience with a "larger" more well-known company and have had great results!

Taylor Jackson

Cititurf has done a great job with my lawn care over the past several years. From treatments to mowing. The team is great to work with and its easy to accommodate my changing schedule. I have recommended them to several neighbors and will continue to do so!

Wendy Amos

I have been using Cititurf for about 5 years now! I have recommended them to family & friends and couldn't be happier with their service! I appreciate the last minute calls to help me with a mowing drop in and for keeping our yard so nice and weed free! Thank you!

Janette Johanson

I switched to CitiTurf after using another lawn service and finding my yard in horrible shape each week. CitiTurf uses sharp blades and takes care to not cut down plants. I have seen a noticeable improvement in the overall quality of my turf and the yard has never looked better. You cannot go wrong with CitiTurf.

Jeff Maynard

We have been using Cititurf since 2012 after my husband suffered a stroke and could no longer maintain the lawn. Cititurf is professional and compassionate. They are always willing to offer advice on how to care for and enhance the condition of our lawn. They do a wonderful job of communicating with customers and their prices are competitive.

Vineta Byrd

We began using CitiTurf about three years ago. Before that time, the yard was spotted with bare patches and had weeds and Dallas grass all over. Since that time, the guys at CitiTurf got rid of all the weeds and have kept my lawn looking fabulous! Kelly in the office has been great to work with as well, and always calls to remind me of the next treatment. GREAT JOB!!

Greg Chancellor

CitiTurf is an excellent landscaping service. They are reasonably priced, do excellent work, and are very professional. We appreciate that they provide more than lawn care and cleanup services. They have adjusted our sprinklers, taken care of our trees, and helped plan our flowerbeds. We are very pleased with CitiTurf’s customer service and highly recommend them.

Marci Long

I just switched to your service recently and I have to compliment you on your work! The email reminders are great, the plantings out front look great and everyone I've dealt with has been highly professional!!

Elizabeth Stafford

Excellent service at a good price. Company keeps you informed with emails and is easily reachable by phone. I needed flowerbeds cleaned and they were able to that within a few days.

Bernadette Eves

These guys are fantastic. I've used them for the last three years. They are ultra consistent, friendly and affordable. They also manage half the yards on our street so clearly they're doing things right.

David Morley

They work incredibly fast, are fairly priced, and arrive as scheduled. I have used them for both lawn care and tree & shrub service. Would recommend to anyone looking for an affordable, quality landscape service in Collin County.

Josh Blessing

Great lawn service! I have used CitiTurf for around 5 years for my fertilization needs and have used them a hand full of times to mow my lawn when I'm out of town. Any issues I've ever had have been minor and were promptly handled by CitiTurf.

Evan Contreras

We have been using CitiTurf's lawn care, shrub & tree service and pest control for the past year. They have done an outstanding job. They are reasonably priced, always on time and a pleasure to work with. Wish we'd have switched to them years ago!

Debbie H Lustberg

I have been a customer of Citi Turf for over 4 years now. My lawn looks better than ever and they are always keeping me updated with changes or delays so I don't have to wonder. They are also very responsive when I have questions and have always provided be valuable answers.

Bill Georgen III

Used CitiTurf to help cap an underground sprinkler line and the guy showed up on time, was super helpful and professional, and even helped go over my sprinkler system with me (since I was new to my home and this was 1st auto-sprinkler system I'd ever had). Definitely recommend. Also....pricing was fair for the trip visit.

Jeremy Sankey

We are so happy with CitiTurf and our yard! We had those horrible milkweed thistles forever and CitiTurf got rid of them quickly and now our grass is totally weed-free! Every time I see a little weed pop up - CitiTurf is back out with their regular treatment and weeds are gone. They really do a great job of staying ahead of the weeds.

Chris Goller

Best customer service I've ever had with a lawn care company. Much less a service company. Glenna often answers when I call but it doesn't matter who I talk to, CitiTurf has been excellent across the board. I've referred several friends (and got a gift every time!!).


To say that CitiTurf is great is an understatement. Their mowing is the best I've ever seen. They mow the business where I work and I can't believe how much detail goes into everything they do. I've never seen them break anything and the yard always is the most even and best manicured lawn in the area. Kudos to CitiTurf!!!


They have been my lawn care service for almost five years now. I have never had any problems and their staff is friendly when i spoke to them to change credit cards. ive been really happy with them.


Very happy with CitiTurf's lawn care service. I signed up for one year lawn service, they take care of roundup, aeration, re-seeding and I have to say that my property is one of the best looking on my block. These guys are lawn care professionals...usually always come on time and very easy to deal with. I would recommend them (except if you're on my block!...)


We will not hesitate to recommend your services - we found the team to be reliable, and professional. Service was promptly executed - we enjoy it much.

Eric Boudriau

Plano, TX

Oh my!!! Your guys were here today - they are just amazing!!! What a huge difference it makes to have all of that dead stuff gone. They were just wonderful. The house was unlocked and the garage was full of stuff for our garage sale. What sweet, honest guys you have working for you - they didn't touch a thing... THANKS

Kim Hutchings

Murphy, TX

My experience with CitiTurf has been wonderful. The staff in the office at CitiTurf is equally professional and very nice. I would recommend CitiTurf to anyone who asks. I referred my neighbors and they love CitiTurf.

Linda Clawson

Plano, TX

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