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Mice, rats, pests and termites in The Colony are a serious threat to anyone who owns a home. Any pest infestation means that it is time to call for either a professional termite inspection, exterminators or certified pest control as quickly as possible. Without a professional’s advice and inspection, and without quick action the damage that happens to the interior structure of your beautiful home can become more costly.

Pest Control The ColonyAlthough all of our CitiTurf pest control specialists encourage customers and home owners to take advantage of the valuable tips we offer for preventing pest infestation sometimes that’s just not enough. We are well aware that living in our beautiful state of Texas, with its unique terrain and weather conditions, also has its prickly side, namely the many pests and rodent activity.

The thing that helps our customers and many home owners to feel more assured is when they have a qualified and reliable company they can trust to bring them the pest control in The Colony that they need. Whether that includes mosquito control or termite control in The Colony, CitiTurf specialists are trained and experienced in our tough Texas terrain. In addition all of our long-time team members are State certified to treat residential homes using the highest quality products, latest state of the art equipment, and safe treatment methods to provide quality pest control.

Do You Need an Exterminator in The Colony FAST – Call CitiTurf

At CitiTurf, we run a one-stop shop for most lawn care, garden, and residential pest control requirements. For our valued customers, having a quality company with a well-rounded portfolio of services, folks who can provide them with the outdoor garden services, AND pest control they require makes their lives much simpler. Our CitiTurf team has been around a long time, producing results that make customers satisfied, and our team members proud.

When you notice the tell-tale signs of rodent, termite, or pest infestation, don’t let those bugs or pests do any more damage to your valuable home or property. Rodent control in The Colony is only a phone call away, and that number is CitiTurf’s. Our experts are trained and experienced in home inspection methods, the latest products and treatments based on the specific pest problems, and we include organic pest control for those with more sensitive health.

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