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Spring brings with it plenty of new growth to gardens, trees, flowers, shrubs and all of nature, and that includes bothersome pests and rodents. But the truth is that with nature’s cycles, each season can present a different set of problems for homeowners when it comes to pests and bugs.

Best of the City 2012Pest control in Murphy Tx doesn’t need to be rocket science for the average homeowner, as Texas requires those who work in pest control to be licensed and certified. When you want instant action with mosquito control, a termite inspection or exterminators, you can trust CitiTurf’s pest control specialists to provide you with a FREE, thorough inspection of your home and property at YOUR earliest convenience.

The damages done by termites in Murphy to the hidden structural areas in a home can wipe out your hard earned savings. If you’ve found evidence of termites in your house, garage, shed, or outdoor structures, it’s probably a good idea not to wait any longer before getting professional help. With CitiTurf, the termite control in Murphy that you need done on your home or property has become easier, as our specialists have working knowledge and years of experience getting rid of, and controlling these damaging pests.

Did you know that in the termite kingdom, these small creatures are extremely well-organized and continually on the move, and swarm annually throughout the continental Unites States looking for new sources of food? Apart from that, many also live subterraneous and will enter a home underground, going up into the structure of the house, infesting the hidden places before discovery. They are virulent and persistent, and getting rid of them requires professional help…certified pest control specialists.

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Whether you simply suspect you have termites, pests or rodents, or you have actual evidence, when you call CitiTurf’s friendly service team you can expect a FREE of charge thorough inspection of your home and property.

Pest Control MurphyWith our certified team members, your problems with rodent control in Murphy are over! We’ll send out one of our certified, qualified pest control experts to go through your house and provide you with the answers and advice you need that will help you make a smart choice.

Along with our full line of pest control services, using the industry’s latest and highest quality products, we also provide organic pest control for customers who are more sensitive to environmental chemicals, or have health concerns. Give CitiTurf specialists a call today, or use our convenient estimate form located just above.

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